End of free bread at table service?


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I've seen discussion on Twitter this morning that more cuts might be happening, seeing complimentary bread removed from table service places.

The site that cannot be named reports that Tony's at MK now charges $9 for garlic knots and there is no free bread and that many other places such as Coral Reef said bread service stopped on Sunday.

So far it seems that Signature restaurants still have complimentary bread.

For me, given the high prices at a lot of WDW places, the bread helped off-set that and I do expect it at signature level. But at some of the simpler restaurants it did feel like something Disney offered but no other restaurant of similar quality does. I would be more annoyed if it was removed at signature places.
Oh i do hope not - I'm not sure why but the bread service is quiet often my favourite part of the meal! American dinner rolls are just incredible in comparison to what us brits get!

Chip Chipperson

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That would be a shame. The gluten free rolls they serve at most places are only good while still warm, but they really hit the spot while waiting for my meal - especially since there are rarely appetizers I can have that I'd enjoy. I guess they felt like this is a good way to save some money and potentially get guests to spend more money on appetizers.

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How cheap! Disney overcharges for meals as it is, IMO. The least they could do is throw in some rolls before dinner. For DH, this could be a real problem, since he grew up having bread at every meal. Don't know if it's a generational thing, or just in his house. Even now, if I don't serve some rolls/biscuits at dinner, he'll grab a couple slices of bread.


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I like the bread service, especially if they have a spicy olive oil with it.... yum.
Deleting it also allows them to flip the table quicker.

Tom P.

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According to The Site That Shall Not Be Named, Disney has issued a statement regarding the complimentary bread. In it, they state that they are have not discontinued complimentary bread service and that it will continue at all table service restaurants.

Whether that means that they tried to discontinue it and had to walk it back due to backlash, or that they never actually intended to do so and some cast members spoke incorrectly, remains up for debate. But, at least for now, the complimentary bread is safe.

James J

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