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Enchantment at the Top


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Typically, DVC members can go up to the lounge (assuming it isn't already at capacity) to view the fireworks. Yes, you have to pay for the food and drinks, but there was never a need to pay for "preferred viewing areas" or anything like that - and you could eat and drink for much less than $89/person. So what I'm saying is that this offering is obviously meant to extract more money from members. The lounge seemed to be operating just fine before the pandemic without the need for upcharge events, so it would be nice if the extra profit from these events benefitted the members rather than Disney since members are the ones losing access to at least parts of the Lou ge and viewing areas.
You can still go up to view for free. You can also go up and use said lounge every other day. Given how popular it's been, this is an easier way to manage crowds on a busy Friday night in the actual lounge. Given that people would take tables amd not buy anything I don't mind them doing this.

The whole lounge is to make money and always has been. It has zero to do with perks outside of having access in the first place. Think of Club 33 and how it is run at DLR. You pay for access and pay for food outside of it. This is nothing new

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