Enchanted Tiki Room


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All the birds sing words and the flowers croon/In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki Room.

I'll always remember in the original at Disneyland, I finally got to be the one to wake up Jose. "These siestas are getting shorter and shorter..." That was the highlight of that trip. (Yes, I'm easy to please.)

Iago said bye-bye to the Tiki Room, but he and Jose are still on good terms with each other. (Now it's just my imagination talking. My Dad thinks I'm serious when I talk about Iago being my friend.)


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Apparently something you didnt enjoy since you asked the question. It was the FIRST attraction that had audio animatronics technology. Its not everyones favorite because its old style entertainment and there arent any thrills... unless the thunder gets to you. Its going to stay because its Walts baby and many first timers look forward to seeing it because its a classic Disney attraction.
It has lost some of its energy because it is an audience particpation sing-along. People are too shy or too cool to go for it wholeheartedly like in the 60s and 70s. In Tokyo it's still fun because of the joyous lack of self consciousness and unjaded attitude of the Japanese.
Did you know the original concept was a restaurant? Like Rain Forest Cafe or Chuck E. Cheese's with a Polynesian style theme. It was all inspired by a little Victorian mechanical caged bird Walt found at an antique store in the French Quarter.


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E-ticket Princess- I think the Magic Kingdom version has lost energy due to the show missing so many of its original elements.

Barker bird, the magic fountain and a few extra minutes of song and show. That little bit of whimsy goes a long way.

They dumbed down the Country Bears in the same way. Both attractions share the same building and my hunch is that this is a long term plan to FORCE reduced popularity and eventually replace them both. WDW management does these things.


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I'm with you. I understand the amazing nostalgia behind it and all... But honestly it's the most boring thing to exist on theme park property. I made my parents watch it on our trip to Disneyland last January.. My dad is 64, mom is 47. When it was over, mom literally said "what did you make us just watch??" I explained the history behind it and everything aaaaand... They didn't give to poops. They thought it was boring.

That's understandable though. Tiki Room is an amazing piece of history for Disney buffs.. But to anyone else, it's less than impressive. It's boring. Like the country bear jamboree (which is MY favorite nostalgia attraction) or carousel progress.

Shoot me.. Call me names.. But ask any average theme park guest who has never been to Disney, someone who doesn't live and breathe the nostalgia... The history.. It's actually kind of an awkward attraction.

Needless to say I force my friends to watch them every time!

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The reason it's boring to so many people is because people have changed.

If you can put your too cool for school mentality aside and enjoy it for what it is, it's a fun show. Not everything has to be thrilling, flashing lights, and a touch screen to be good. I think some unique experiences like this are cool.

Who doesn't love the Tiki Gods?

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