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Enchanted 2, confirmed.


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TheDisInsider is reporting that Rudolph will play the main villain, Malvina Monroe, and Brown and Mays will play Monroe's assistants.

Last week, we released some exclusive news regarding this project. Based on this new casting, it likely that Rudolph will be playing the villain Malvina Monroe, the domineering queen bee of the suburb where Giselle and her family. Brown and Mays are likely playing Malvina’s assistants- Rosaleen and Ruby. The primary functions of these characters are to sing Malvina’s praises while doing each and every task Malvina asks of them. Of the two, Rosaleen is the more mean-spirited.



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First look at Maya Rudolph's character via a prop on set.


Director Adam Shankman has stated that filming is almost complete.



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New official trailer - Disenchanted will premiere on November 24th.

Honestly I love how this franchise continues to subvert expectations if Gisele truly did turn evil I think that would be interesting to see play out, and looks like Nancy sings in this one so we can hear some from Idina!

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