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Ed Wood DVD?

Jungle Skipper

New Member
Original Poster
Hey does anyone have any idea why the Ed Wood DVD (set to be released on 2/3 by Buena Vista Home Video) was delayed indefinatly? Anyone have any inside info?

Jungle Josh


Active Member
I looked around on the internet, and here is the best explination I could find! (off of IMDB.com)

"I've been looking all over the Internet for news/or discussion about the delay, and although I've found no official explanation from the distribution company about why the DVD was recalled, it seems that the prevailing theory from fans of this movie is that the delay has something to do with Bill Murray and Johnny Depp being nominated for Oscars. If this is the reason, I assume that the new release date would be sometime after the Oscars, just so that the DVD can be repackaged with Bill Murray and/or Johnny Depp being referred to as "Oscar nominee" and/or "Oscar winner" on the packaging."

I don't know if this is true.

I do know that several people said that there was copies released to best buys across the nation, and then they were recalled. you may want to check your local best buy, some people have said that they bought on of a few copies from there.

and if you get more info, lemme know. this would be an awsome present for my husbands birthday.

ok. it is more for me than him....;)

Jungle Skipper

New Member
Original Poster
This is so depressing...this is like the 7th time its been delayed. I have found a few copies on ebay....going for anywhere from $50-$150. Argh! I will hit Best Buy tuesday and hope someone puts it out on accident i guess...

Jungle Josh

Jungle Skipper

New Member
Original Poster
got it

Well I broke down and bought my very own copy of Ed Wood on DVD off of Ebay yesterday! It took a lot of convincing but I decided that I just had to have it. I mean it is one of my favorite movies of all time and was one of the more recent movies that inspired me to go to film school in the first place.

However right after I bought it on ebay and 1 hour later the price drops by $25...sigh...oh wel..tis my luck.

:) just thought I'd update! :)


Premium Member
I've actually heard a few explanations, one being about waiting to see if Johnny Depp wins an Oscar, as well as something about a documentary that has the letter F and three *'s (not the actual letters, but really the ***) in the title and Disney does not want to be a part of anything like that because they are a "family company."
I also read in Video Business magazine:
" 'Distibution dates get changed all the time,' a BVHE spokesman said, adding that the studio is looking for a better date to release the DVD."
"Trans World Entertainment's executive VP of merchandising, marketing and inventory said he had been told the title was pulled because of a rights issue."
"Another source told VB that director Tim Burton was unhappy with the DVD extras."

Could they be any more vague?

For the entire text of the article, IM me. AOL: AMH97

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