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Located next to Guest Relations at Disney Springs, this appears to be a new preview center for Disney Vacation Club.


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I wonder when they’ll have a FW cabin ready to view? A real one or mock-up. Just something.
I asked when I was down there in Feb. One of the people I talked to said they had been to see one in person, but that it’ll be March sometime at least before they have them open to see. Possibly at Saratoga.


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They’ve got to add more exclusive spaces to justify the direct membership subs and if DVC wanted the presence in Disney Springs then it’s a no brainer to add an extra space there


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Oof. Meanwhile, the view from the Epcot lounge is amazing. When you can get in…
Thankfully we didn't have any problem getting in last Thursday just before noon. It seemed busy at first, but after about 5 minutes it was half empty. But you're right, the view is great. And a part of me always gets sad to think of what used to be there...

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