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DVC Points Transfer Rules


Original Poster
I am just a gaggle of questions and quandaries right now.

Does anyone have experience the the application of points transfer rules in a given use year? I'll try to outline my specific case and question below:

Our UY is September. I received transferred points from a friends DEC 2021 UY. DVC's rules state "During a given Use Year, only one (1) Transfer per Club Member or Club membership, either as Transferee or Transferor, will be permitted."

My interpretation of that rule is that I cannot receive transferred points with a UY prior to SEPT 2022 after making the transaction mentioned above. Does that sound correct or am I misunderstanding something? I've tried Member Services and they were pretty confused about the question when presented as a hypothetical.


New Member
Did your inbound transfer occur before or after Sept 1, 2021? If before, then you can receive another transfer during the Sept 2021 UY. Otherwise, you cannot receive another transfer before your Sept 2022 UY.

Caveat: I’ve never done transfers - just answering from my understanding of the way it works.

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