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I apologize, if this question has been posted in the past. My family and I are planning a trip for next year! We usually stay at moderate hotels but would like to stay at a deluxe this time! Is it worth it to rent DVC points? Any popular sites you recommend? I've heard good things about Dave's DVC. Would love some more suggestions or advice! Thanks!


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I've checked into Dave's. Never used it but played with dates etc up to the point of clicking submit for my dates. It definitely seems worth it. We could have gotten in to a hotel we probably never would otherwise. It was a trip that never happened but I hope to one day!!! The few drawbacks are that you have to pay in full, no refunds or cancellations, and you aren't guaranteed your first pick so you give alternate options.


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We've used Dave's twice - once for a stay at AKL in 2018 and for an upcoming May 2020 stay in the Boardwalk Villas. Our cost this time is actually less than our favorite moderate resort, POFQ. There was no availability at our 11 month window, but they found us a place within about 4 days after. You do have to pay the entire balance up front, and it's non-refundable, but you can buy trip insurance. Everything works seamless with ADR's and fast passes, but you do have to have the DVC member add things like the Dining Plan and Magical Express to your reservation.

We could never afford to stay at a Deluxe without this option. I highly recommend if you can afford the up front payment and know your travel dates well in advance.


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We've used DVC Rental Store. It was super easy, no issues/problems, and worked just as if we had made the reservation ourselves direct with Disney for practical purposes. We will definitely use them again on our next trip. Our agent (Bethani) was fantastic, responded quickly and completely. Will definitely use her again as well. All around HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


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We just booked a deluxe studio at OKW for a week in April 2020 (celebrating our anniversary) through DVC Rental Store. Lauren is our agent and she couldn't have been more helpful. Their website (DVCRentalStore.com) is quite informative and the "tools" section is very simple to use. Plug in your dates and look at the cost, then compare it to what Disney wants for a room. It's somewhat eye-opening. One thing unique about DVCRentalStore is that they offer a cancellation policy in house vs. David's who refer to a third party insurance co. Disclaimer: We've used DVCRentalStore several times; however, we've not used David's (as many on this site have, and happily I might add).


We are using DVC Rental Store for our upcoming trip and I have been so impressed! We are renting at Boardwalk for the price of a moderate. It would have been less but the standard view was sold out so we had to get a nicer view. Still a value we think! I just contacted our aged, Macy Cross, again about possibly going in March and in less than 24 hours, on a weekend no less, she sent me options, broken down how each met my needs, and gave price ideas. I am so impressed. The only thing I don't love is that it's not refundable like renting from Disney, but I purchase Southwest flights and tickets from Undercover Tourist so my trip is generally all around nonrefundable.
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