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DVC perks on DCL


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Im assume us resale folks are out for any of these bennies right?
Nope, resale restrictions do not apply to the #FreeBooze.

For most members, they seem to know you are onboard. One day we came back to our cabin and saw that many doors had a DVC magnet. We didn't have one. I stopped at the desk and they apologized and gave us one. We also got some ball caps and lanyards. They said that sometimes people can be excluded if your middle name is on the deed, but on the DCL reservation (or something).

We took advantage of the 10% off merchandise purchase (when spending over $50).

We also attended a DVC informational meeting and got an exclusive Copper Creek pin. After that, we did an add-on. The offers on ship were better than any we had seen on land. So, it can be a good time to add on direct if you are thinking about that.
They know whenever a DVC Member books because they, primarily, want to get you in to add-on seminars. They will call and invite you to the boarding day Member Party which is #FreeBooze. The effort, at the end of the day, is not 100% bunk as I have added on during a cruise before. The wife and I were actually going to add on during our next cruise but have decided to hold off after these LOLable recent price increase and cost cuts at the park.
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