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I was wondering who had some standard, well tested breakfasts and, also, some clever and innovate breakfast ideas to make in a DVC Studio Room.



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I don't know that any of this is clever or innovative, but here are DVC studio breakfasts we've had or tried with the usual equipment (fridge, toaster, microwave) plus a couple of supplies (e.g., tin foil, microwave-safe mugs/bowls), although some of these depend on your being able to travel with food and keep it frozen en route, unless you just want to buy it on-site:

- Bagels (brought from home), toasted with peanut butter and jelly (from home) or cream cheese (purchased on-site)
- Microwaved hot cereals (e.g., oatmeal, cream of wheat -- we bag them up at home ahead of time in pre-measured portions, with a pinch of white or brown sugar and desired flavorings like vanilla coffee creamer, flax seeds and/or dried fruit)
- Breakfast sandwiches: English muffins or croissants with sliced cheese/pre-cooked egg/pre-cooked bacon. (We make up the sandwiches ahead at home, wrap them tightly and freeze them. They travel on the plane with us, packed in a soft cooler with other frozen items, and then go into the studio mini-fridge. To reheat, toast the muffin/croissant separately in the toaster, and microwave the bacon/egg/cheese.)
- Omelet-in-a-cup: make and pre-freeze mixtures of beaten eggs, veggies and non-dairy cheese. Thaw in fridge after arrival. When ready to cook, place in microwave-safe mug and cook in the microwave about 1 minute, or until cooked-through and fluffy.
- Cold cereals or granola with milk or yogurt (dairy products purchased on-site), with sliced bananas (brought whole, from home).
- Frozen waffles, pancakes or French toast (heat in microwave or toaster, per instructions) with frozen precooked bacon or sausage patties (reheat in microwave).
- Pop Tarts (definitely not innovative, LOL!)

Favorite DVC studio snack (good all day, any day):
- Microwave popcorn

*NOTE: Granted, although the items listed above are things we've tried over the years, our go-to breakfasts nowadays tend to be the simplest options: granola bars (e.g., Fiber One), Pop Tarts (a treat in the kids' eyes, as we don't generally have them at home) and cold cereals. We find that between the hot temperatures and big in-park lunches and/or dinners, we seldom feel like a large or heavy meal at breakfast time. :) Plus, we often have leftovers from dinner the night before that seem to taste even better as breakfast. (That's one reason we bring the tin-foil: things like flatbread pizza or fries reheat better in the toaster, wrapped securely in a foil packet, than in the microwave.)
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We have our usual of cereal, granola, bagels, fruit, yogurt or the like in the room. Not very innovative but we aren't huge breakfast people, sorry. I know some who do eggs and bacon in the microwave.


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We have been driving down so we have ability to bring a cooler so our breakfasts include pre-made breakfast bowls in microwave compatible containers. You can make a big batch with scrambled eggs, sausage and tater-tots then divide up into the containers. We usually do this the day before we leave. Also, we have done the pre-made croissants from Costco bakery, cook up some premade sausage patties in the microwave and add some cheese for breakfast sandwiches. Not always the healthiest but hey, it's vacation!


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Watching this thread. We are looking to buy resale DVC in the future but where we want to use on Deluxe studios, how we do breakfasts is something we've thought about

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When we stayed in a studio for a last minute getaway, we stocked bananas and muffins-in-a-cup. But we ended up eating at Artist's Palatte pretty much every morning because of bacon as well as biscuits and gravy.
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