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Droid Backpack

Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong thread. It pertains to my planning for an upcoming trip so I'm hoping/assuming I'm in the correct area.

I am planning on building a droid (first time doing so; first time seeing the Star Wars stuff) so I'm figuring to go all out with accessories, the backpack, blah blah blah.

My "brilliant" thought was to purchase the backpack ahead of time and then use it as my carrying bag around all of the parks for the duration of my trip. So I'm getting a little bit more for my money out of it.

So, for anyone who owns one of these backpacks, is this idea of mine feasible? I know that there is padding for the droid, would I be able to easily remove that to function as a regular bag, when the bag is sans-droid? I'm not talking like taking it to school with books and supplies. I just need enough room for my wallet, phone, etc. And lastly, are the straps and such comfortable? Or would I regret my decision early-on during my trip?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with these silly questions!


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There is actually enough room for all of the above even with the droid in it. I always carry my phone, wallet, etc. with my droid. Straps are nicely padded. The only caveat with buying ahead of time is you get a discount for buying the droid, backpack, and personality chip together. I think it saves you around $15.
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Thank you so much! I knew I came to the right place, all of my answers in one stop!

And thank you for the tidbit about the discount, I will keep that in mind when weighing my options.
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