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DRC Post interview Casting Question


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OK, So I just got out of the military in November and have a background in film/TV/Public Affairs and have been applying to Disney Since January of 2016. I've had two face to face interviews and am currently on the wait list for a Guest Research and Security positions. I had an interview on Wednesday (April 5) at the DRC for an ecommerce position. Everything about the interview was a positive experience from the initial tour to the actual interview with a manager and trainer. I of course showed up in full business attire (suit) and smiled my way through the interview and managed to make them laugh a few times, so overall there wasn't any indication in my mind that I had not secured the position. Considering they went so far as to tell me what the dates/hours were for Traditions and training including days off (which begin at end of the month) and asked if I had any upcoming vacation plans (the answer was no other then attending Star Wars Celebration next week) am I right in thinking that it is only a matter of time before I am offered a position and scheduled for onboarding? I ask as I am currently applying for places to live (as my family and I are relocating to the area) and having an offer letter would go a long way to helping me secure a residence. Would anybody be able to give me an idea on about how long I can expect to wait to hear back from casting?

Thanks in advance
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As long as you haven't gotten a definite "no," your application is good for 6 months and they can call you at any time during that time. It could be tomorrow or on day 29 of the 5th month.