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Great! Tank you!! I'll se if there are any bibs available

You're welcome. Good luck.

Travel companies have minimum stays at a WDW resort - don't think you get to choose the resort - and minimum # of days for tickets. Charities have a minimum amount to fundraise by a deadline and your bib will be cancelled if you don't.

Make sure, though, you really want to do all 4 races, because it means getting up at 2:00AM four mornings in a row. And unless you're a runner or train sufficiently, the chances of getting swept will increase when you get to the Full. The 5k is timed for Dopey, so unlike all the other runDisney 5ks, you will get swept if you can't maintain the minimum 16m/m pace.


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And I don't want to be a downer about running for charities, keep in mind that if the race gets cancelled, you probablly won't get back and monies you had raised towards your charity goal. I know for Boston most of the charities let the runners out of their required minimums, but if they took them up on their offer to run next year, they still had to raise the entire minimum, with no credit for what they raised this year.


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Text books as well as any of my former English lit teachers would have inked up the sentence; but that doesn’t mean that each time I write for fun I try to be grammatically perfect.
I just stated that a word was silly. I meant no harm to the original poster. I thought you were making a poor attempt to be a smart ***.
I had a lady in my office a few years back that ALWAYS said that word and I hated it. Thanks for chiming in with your response though!

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