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Donna from PrimeTime

This past October, my boyfriend and I brought both our families together for the first time...and what a better place to do that than at Disney World!

A few cast members made this trip extra special! Both sets of families have been to the World over 30 times, and these few Cast Members definitely fall into the category of "best we have ever had".

Donna over at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. We had a field day with her. Since we had been many times, we knew the drill. Getting in trouble is part of the fun. So right off the bat, when she asked us to set the table, my boyfriend's dad response was, "but that's a woman's job!" Oh boy, did Donna not like that answer, so she made him stand in the doorframe and sing I'm A Little Teapot as loud as he could. She was excellent, and we hope to be able to request her as our server on our next trip!


I sure hope these Cast Members see this. I just want them to see how the little things they do, the little extra mile they take really can make a wonderful vacation into a perfect vacation. Something they do, even if subconsciously, can be remembered forever.

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