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Domino’s Pizza Presents: Avoid The Noid: The Ride

Lizzy May Bee

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As The Core Of The New Pizza Pavilion Coming To EPCOT (Which Besides This Would Literally Just Contain 2 Domino’s Pizzas), DPPATNTR Will Give Guests The Mind-Boggling Experience Of Encountering Domino’s Mascot The Noid.

It’s Literally Just A Third Domino‘s Pizza.
This Ride Sets You Up As A Domino’s Pizza Employee Set To Deliver A Delicious Mouth-Watering Domino’s Pizza. Things Start Fine As You Depart In Your Domino’s Delivery Car (Ride Vehicle). You Soon However Face The Annoyance Of “The Noid”, As He Blocks The Road & You Swerve “Into The Seedy Part Of Town” (AKA Where The Other Pizza Joints Are)
. In The Third Scene You Are Knocked Past The Regime Of Papa John’s, Where Papa John Himself (Expressed By A Visibly Moist Animatronic) Stops Your Path To Brag About About How He’s Eaten 40 Pizzas In A Day & His Mansion, (& Also Says Some OTHER Things), However He Doesn’t Actually Do Anything. In The Next Scene You See A Pizza Hut & Hear The Mysterious Echo Of A Disembodied Voice Saying “No One Out Pizza’s The Hut”, Then Suddenly The Ground Opens Up & A Fire Appears That Causes You To Swerve Back Onto The Main Road. In The Final Scene Advanced Technology Allows The Imagineers To Have The Noid Jump Onto Your Car, But When All Hope Seems Gone, Hatsune Miku Comes In To Rescue You, & You Successfully Deliver Your Pizza & Exit Into Not A Forth Domino’s Pizza


The End.​

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