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Does DCL ever change routes? Travel Warning issued for Mexico.


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Was the Wish able to dock at Port Canaveral 9/30 or was the port closed because of hurricane Ian? The Port Canaveral webcam is off line.

The Wish is now not scheduled to dock at Port Canaveral until Sunday, October 2nd.

Here are the latest details at Port Canaveral -

"Port Canaveral has conducted initial safety assessments of the Port following the passage of Hurricane Ian. The Port will reopen at 4:00 PM today for all vessels 500 gross tons and less. The Port will open for all other traffic at 12 midnight tonight, provided waterway surveys are satisfactory. The Port’s Rodney Ketcham Park boat ramps and Jetty Park are CLOSED until further notice due to storm damage. Additionally, Port Canaveral has inspected the surrounding roadways and has issued an All Clear. Port Canaveral tenants may resume normal business operations and respond as needed."


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We were on the Fantasy throughout all this madness and we didnt know we would make it back on time until last night, but thankfully we did and were able to disembark normally. I believe the Wish made it in today as well as there were 7 other ships heading into Port.

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