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Does anyone ever give up on their planning and just go with it?

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I kind of follow what the other posters have said. We usually stay for 9 days. I make fp's the first 4 days for each park. Then I sporadically make fp's for the rest of the trip days. I don't care if I use them or not, or change days after the 4th day. We only have a few adr's that we make, and that's it. I find that we enjoy the parks more if we are not chained to a schedule. We end up dong the attractions that we love, and spend the rest of the time enjoying the parks, resorts, etc. We use park hoppers, which fits our touring style. Every evening, we decide when and where we want to go for the afternoon/evening. It's easy to do with PH's. We also try to fit a day or two at Universal too.
We seem to enjoy touring like this and it works for us. We get to go on the attractions we love and repeat them if we want, or do something entirely different. Guess what I'm trying to say is that just be flexible, make those fp's and adr's that you don't want to miss, and go with the flow. All the stuff that is debated on here is just that, debates and opinions. Some are very helpful, but try to take them with a grain of salt. WDW, with it's faults, is still a magical place to be:)


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Have watched your posts here for weeks and you are definitely a planner! That's not a bad thing. In fact, Mickey makes it more and more necessary each year.
My family has always enjoyed planning. Before there was fastpass, we plotted everything out for an entire week's trip, down to 30-minute increments. The Family Planning Session was an event at home. My wife would make a special light meal and then take the notes because she had the only handwriting we could read.
Then when we got there, we would start out on nour daily plan each day, but invariably, there would be changes. So we would adjust the master plan each night based on what things we had actually already seen because of short-ine availability. We almost always hit our most important targets and we almost never followed our plan exactly. And we ALWAYS had a GREAT TIME. We made dinner reservations the night before, and ate lunch wherever we happened to be.
Mickey has changed all that in the last decade or so, of course, as you are now quite well aware.
Never will forget the first time our planning session actually included planning on obtaining a fast pass for a ride, (which you could only do day of at a kiosk in the park). As we wrote that on our plan, the youngest son seemed up. I asked him why he was upset, he answered, ((One of my favorite statements he's ever made, "Dad, I'm not upset, I'm ashamed! " (that we had fallen to the point where we would count on using a fastpass rather than our usual superb planning). :)
Fastforward to our trip coming up next month. Just my wife and I. and I have spent hours on dining reservations and fast passes. (Even though it only takes about an hour or so to do the fast passes for a 5-day visit. Then, you can make dinner reservations.

To cite the above recommendations, step away. You have a plan. Use it as a general guide. Try to make your fastpasses. (Though if you have obtained a fastpass for Spaceship Earth, as we have, what does it matter if you don't use it). Make the dinner appointments and just use the rest of the time as things come to you.

You will be at WALT DISNEY WORLD, You Will Have Fun if you can enjoy where you are at the moment.. It will Not go perfectly. You will still have fun. Step away for now. Be encouraged. You will have a great vacation!!


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Our last trip was last minute. My husband planned it. (We helped. He knows what we like.). He planned it in 1.5 weeks. We did everything we wanted. We went in July or August while kids were all still out of school.

Take a break from planning
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