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Do you think Disney will make video games again?

Christian Fronckowiak

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
In the Parks
Is there any factual evidence that The Walt Disney Company is looking into going back to making video games again, or is the future all about licensing ala Star Wars Battlefront, the upcoming PS4 Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts 3?

Would love to hear your thoughts and any rumblings out there.

erasure fan1

Well-Known Member
I'm not sure they will get back into the gaming world anytime soon. I think they realize that it's easier to just license out the IPs and get money for not really doing all that much. I do hope they don't go back to being a developer as they were one of the worst EVER. The best Disney video games had always been done by 3rd party developers. Disney always played it way too safe and never really committed to being a industry leader. And its a reall shame because with all the rich history in Disney IPs, they could have been a dominating force instead of the joke they were.

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