Do you Feel Turned off by Latest Disney Television Add


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All I know is, my family and I have done nothing these past 8 months or so. Had to cancel a dream 20th wedding anniversary trip to Italy,
Had to cancel a Disney cruise, and 2 trips to Disney World. We have plans to stay at Kidani Village for 7 days over Thanksgiving,
And you know what? I will be happy to wear a mask. Even if we have to stay in the 2 bedroom suite for the entire time, at least it's a change of scenery
The two bedroom suite is the best!


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Not related to masks. The commercial I saw ended with something like "Save Now" at the end of it. It came off, IMO as if Disney was desperate for guests, which they are but still, I was surprised to see it. Haven't seen the commercial lately. It could be a regional thing.
So do stores have sales because they are "desperate" rather then because they are trying to increase business? Why, of all the companies in the world would WDW be in a desperate situation. I know it sounds dramatic, but also just a little hyperbolic as well. To me it sounds like letting people know that acting now before the recovery is a smart thing to do. Whether that is or not remains to be seen, but still sounds like do it now before we jump everything up to an arm and a leg level.


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They had started re-airing the one commercial that gas the giraffe coming into the boys window and the monorail flying in the clouds....The only thing that bugs me about this is this shot in the ad...

Since when did the monorail go inside MK? From where the monorail is in this shot it would be where the peoplemover is...I hate when they make the illusion this is actually the way your going to see it..
Goodness gracious some of you folks sure do find the need to insist on massive reality in your fantasy locations. I'm not sure but I think that the monorail home base is located "behind" MK. So that would answer where it can possibly show the back of the castle from the monorail. Seriously, it's probably CGI, but who cares. The average guest does not live, eat and breath, WDW like we do and based on the tiny second in time would be very unlikely to know what angle they were looking at it nor decide they would make the trip just so they could see the castle from the monorail. Those ads are not designed to entice us to go, they already have us hooked. It's for people that are not obsessed. They will not remember or even care.

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I seen adds for Disney vacations being offered for the holidays. It is kind of a turn off for me seeing a little one wearing a face mask on her fathers shoulders. The wife and i look at the add and both said at the same time NO. We are not going back to Disney until this face masks and whole pandemic thing is over.

Do others feel this way????????????????????

Please keep in mind this is not about wearing masks or not or pandemic is real or false. It's about going to Florida when it is hot and having to wear a mask. We would rather wait to go there until the whole thing is over and Mask's are done where we can be relaxed and and comfortable. Wearing a mask in the warm weather months is extremely difficult and disgusting. Think you are wearing a mask and sweating and having to walk around all day with a sweaty wet mask that god only knows what else is brewing in that turbid virus carrying piece of material.
I wouldn’t be able to handle it for more than 30 minutes. We are waiting as well.

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Honestly they can’t win, if they show a family wearing masks it’s a “turn off”. If they show a family not wearing masks it’s unrealistic, a misrepresentation, and would be begging for backlash.


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Honestly they can’t win, if they show a family wearing masks it’s a “turn off”. If they show a family not wearing masks it’s unrealistic, a misrepresentation, and would be begging for backlash.
We are a highly confused species. I think that in the beginning we were all programed wrong.


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Not a turn off for me. We have to wear masks anytime we go out due to mandates so it's the norm now. We spent the summer outside in masks, so weather isn't a turn off either. No morning park hours at some parks is a turn off. Seeing a realistic commercial with masks is not.


Everyone has a different perspective.
It is sad to see the masks on because 17 years ago this week was out first trip with our kids.
How much fun and how much seeing their faces made all the pictures worthwhile.

So for me it is a no, but not just the masks.
Alot has been taken away as well, so the diminished overall experience is what does it.

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