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I was on the Disney parks website for hours yesterday trying to book a vacation for 7 adults (including myself) from August 7-14... I have the Disney+ discount as well... Originally, All-Star Movies was the same price as Music... But when I checked yesterday, Music had 4-day ticket 7-night package deals for $2,700 for those two rooms... Plus the extra hotel room for 1 person, for $1,567.

So, by switching to from Movies to Music yesterday, I ended up saving over $650 when I do the precise math.

I toyed around with the idea of changing one of our rooms from 2 rooms to a family suite, but believe it or not, that would be an addition $200-ish dollars...

Any other tips or tricks to make it cheaper? Am I getting the best deal right now?? (We don't want to camp! lol... And we're determined to stay on Disney property.)


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Sounds like a pretty good deal considering the demand for Disney lately.
I actually prefer the feel of All-Star Music over All-Star Movies as well.

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If you're booked with the Disney+ discount and are staying in a standard room at Music then yes you have chosen the most cost effective option to stay on property without camping.

My sister and I had considered one of the All Stars but ultimately decided on POP because its our favorite of the values and when splitting the cost between 2 separate incomes the savings to drop to an All Stars was very minimal per person.

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Last September I was looking for a place for 4 adults and 2 children. Was looking at pricing for 2 rooms at FQ. Had always heard that DVC rentals were a good deal so I looked into it. Was able to do a DVC rental for Saratoga Springs deluxe 2 room suite for about $500 less than 2 rooms at FQ. With DVC also got a full kitchen and washer / dryer. Was 2 rooms with 2 queen size beds and a Murphy bed in living room. With the extra space I invited my niece and her boyfriend. So 6 adults and 2 children.

This year I priced out 2 rooms at POP. Tried to get 2 studio rooms at SS through DVC. There was no availability for my planned time. Would have been a few $ less than POP. That is even with the Disney+ room discounts.

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