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Hi Friends. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole regarding Disneyland Paris and it’s history this evening.

I was wondering if there was a good source of information for all things DLP? There was a couple of things I learned about today, and wanted to get more info on:

-I understand that Disney somewhat recently extended a contract either the French government to build out a 3rd gate to 2036 and they have even begun construction of a berm for a third gate. I knew this previously, but with Davy Crockett’s ranch being removed from the rest of the property, I started to wonder what land does Disney actually own over there? Is there a map out there?

-I also read that Disney had a hand in building out the Val d’Europe town nearby. But I can seem to find any information as to why they wanted to?

-Another new learning was a hotel that opened Villages Nature Paris. Was this a partnership with Disney? Or sort of like a good neighbor hotel at Disney Springs.

I guess I’m sort of looking for some resources to learn why certain decisions were made and why they built out the land like they did. Anyone out there know of some good reads on it?

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