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Disturbing or Strange Disney Images...


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The first of these, the 1955 “Man in Space,” was so popular (viewed by over 42 million people) that according to Kimball, President Eisenhower phoned Walt Disney from the White House looking for a copy of the production. When Disney asked Eisenhower why he wanted it Eisenhower replied, “Well, I'm going to show it to all those stove-shirt generals who don't believe we're going to be up there!”
It was Kimball, who at the July 1979 MUFON UFO symposium in California, told of his interest in the subject of UFOs. Then to a stunned audience he related the story of how the American government had approached Walt Disney himself, prior to Sputnik, to make a UFO documentary to help acclimatize the American population to the reality of extraterrestrials.

Kimball stated in the speech that around 1955 or 1956 the USAF contacted Walt Disney. They asked him to cooperate on a documentary about UFOs. As a part of the deal, the USAF offered to supply actual UFO footage, which Disney would be allowed to use in his film.

According to Kimball’s account, Disney went along with the USAF plan, which was not that unusual. The use of Walt Disney cartoons, after all had been suggested by the 1953 CIA Robertson UFO panel as part of a public-education program involving the mass media to "strip the UFO phenomenon of its special status and eliminate the aura of mystery it has acquired."

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