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Yeah, I just checked out the website about an hour ago for information on MVMCP. I haven't been on there in a while, so I didn't know that the whole look of the website was new.

It looks great! :D


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Looks good...but the transitions and audio were extremely choppy for me (high speed connection and fully-loaded Mac). If no on else has had this issue, my guess is it might be something with Firefox. If so, that's something they're going to need to take care of!

Otherwise, I think that it is visually quite nice...

EDIT: As an FYI, it's not Firefox...the issues are still present when visiting in Safari. Hopefully they'll fix these glitches soon.


Certainly an improvement over what it was before. Still a bunch of rough edges, and a lot of it hasn't been changed over to the new interface yet (the calendar, FAQs, etc). Hopefully they can actually fix the CONTENT.

Edit: It's still slow. Shock.


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The site was slow for me, too. High-speed internet and fully loaded Mac here as well. I guess they will fix out the kinks in time. :shrug:


I went and checked it out. Very cool fron tpage. I would LOVE to have that as a screen saver (minus the people I don;t know :))


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Anyone go to Epcot's site? The View map section STILL posts the attractions for Wonder's Of Life....Seems kinda odd..


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Definitely worth the load time wait. Very cool. Except for the stupid DHS hat. No, I'll never give up! :D


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Isn't this sort of a standard thing with Disney? Re-do the site every 6-12 months. People complain it is slow and unresponsive -- too much flash, too much audio, etc. Then they start all over again?

Just seems like the previous layout was only a year old or so (launched with Year of a Million Dreams or the new "universal" park theming maybe?).


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It's pretty, I like it a lot more than the old one... but jeez, couldn't they make it any less sluggish?

Anyone know if they're sending the '08 planning dvd yet, or is it still '07?

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