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Disney's Hollywood Studios: A New Generation


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Logos for the Land
As stated before, each land (or pavilion) in Magic Kingdom at EPCOT Center has their own distinct logo. I plan to do the same for Disney's Hollywoodland. I was inspired by the distinct logos of Walt Disney Studios Paris, seen below...
See, each logo will basically follow the same pattern: a giant star, a circular banner with the land's name, golden spotlights and an emblem representing the land inside the star.

I will describe each land's logo in this style...

Land Name
Star Color

Let's begin.

Hollywood Boulevard
Star Color: Golden
Emblem: Chinese Theatre

Star Wars Spaceport
Star Color: Turquoise
Emblem: Death Star and X-Wings

Muppets Courtyard
Star Color: Green
Emblem: Kermit sitting behind a movie camera. This should look something like this...
Pixar Place
Star Color: Dark Purple
Emblem: Luxo Jr. and ball

Animation Courtyard
Star Color: Pink
Emblem: Paintbrush

Star Color: Red
Emblem: Silhouette of Roger Rabbit driving Benny

Sunset Boulevard
Star Color: Orange
Emblem: Tower of Terror
And there's that. In the next post, I'll begin to discuss entertainment, starting with the daytime parade. See ya then!
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I know you said that Marvel couldn't be included as a area in DHS, but I wonder what would be its star color, and emblem be if they do include Marvel?


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I know you said that Marvel couldn't be included as a area in DHS, but I wonder what would be its star color, and emblem be if they do include Marvel?

Disney will never allow Marvel, as long as Universal keeps Marvel Super Hero Island open. But, I'm sure I'd make the star red and emblem.
Now, of course, this is a Disney park. And no Disney park would be complete without a parade. And, boy, does Disney's Hollywoodland deliver!

Disney Stars and Motor Cars

When the stars of Disney’s classic family movies and current television series travel to a red-carpet Hollywood movie premiere, they don’t travel in boring, conventional limousines. They travel in cars that reflect who they are. That’s the premise of this clever parade. For 25 minutes, you’ll be treated to a cavalcade of Disney stars and their customized cars. Some stars ride in the cars. Others walk along side them, often interacting with guests. The parade route starts nearby the Mos Eisley Cantina in the Star Wars Spaceport, goes past the Chinese Theatre, goes down Hollywood Boulevard, and disappears backstage at Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind Shop.

Before the parade starts, an announcer comes out to the street. The announcers are also Citizens of Hollywood, the streetmosphere characters that can be seen throughout the day. There are several announcers along the parade route, and they introduce the stars as they make their way to that particular area.

When the parade starts, some motorcycle policemen come down the street with their lights flashing, giving an official air to the procession.

First come the grand marshals for the parade, often a specially-selected family.

The parade is officially heralded by a simple banner.
The first float featured is Toy Story. Heralded by the Green Army Men, as well as Jessie, Bo Peep, Rex and Slinky Dog, this car is decked out to look like Andy's bed, complete with Woody and Buzz sitting on pillows at the back. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head sit on the car's hood.
Dancing penguins announce the arrival of Mary Poppins. Mary and Bert ride on carousel horses mounted on the back of their car. And the car is brightly painted, bringing back memories of the Jolly Holiday sequence from the movie.
Next come the Muppets, with Kermit and Miss Piggy riding in a car shielded from the elements by a giant blimp. Typical Muppet fare, with some rockets, sandbags, and a life preserver on the car, along with a movie camera hood ornament. Other Muppets greet guests on the streets.
Then, from that galaxy far, far away, come Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. C-3PO, R2-D2 and marching Stormtroopers lead the way for this car, made to resemble Luke's landspeeder from his home planet of Tatooine. Darth Vader stalks behind the vehicle.
Chinese warriors announce the arrival of Mulan, the valiant girl who saved the emperor and all of China. Here she is dressed up as when she posed as a man to serve in the Imperial Army in her father's place.
And then we have Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan from Monsters Inc., riding in a sporty red convertible.
Up next comes a new float. Ice harvesters dance along the route (much like the Gravediggers from Mickey's Boo-to-You Parade, their pick-axes make blue sparks when they hit the pavement).
Of course, they herald the arrival of the gang from Frozen. Here, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff ride in a car decorated to look like a sled. Olaf serves as the hood ornament.

Dancing harem girls announce the arrival of Princess Jasmine and Prince Ali (aka Aladdin). Of course the car is really the Genie, and the passengers are resting against the Magic Carpet, who is along for the ride.
When Pain and Panic drop by, that can only mean Hercules is coming! He and Meg ride in a car decorated with ancient Greek designs and columns. The hood ornament is actually a lightning bolt, no doubt placed there by Zeus himself.
Behind them lurk the Disney Villains: the Evil Queen, Frollo, Jafar, Cruella de Vil, Dr. Facilier, Oogie Boogie, Captain Hook, Hades and the Queen of Hearts. Maleficent rides in a limo that resembles a hearse.
Picture this, but without the flames.

Next come Lilo and Stitch, in a car full of Hawaiian feel. The wood sides, surf boards, palm trees, and torches all add to the atmosphere.
Dancers straight out of Mardi Gras herald the way for Tiana and Naveen (of The Princess and the Frog fame). Their car is decorated with lily pads and swamp grass.

Behind them is yet another new addition: Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz ride in a car, presumably decorated by Fix-It Felix (if the car’s being made of bricks is any indication).

Ariel is up next in her clam shell vehicle, complete with a large seahorse on the hood. Eric, Sebastian and Flounder ride along with her. The shiny blue paint job looks like the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny day.
Following Ariel is the Disney Junior-based car, full of characters that can be seen in the various Disney Junior shows. Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny and Miles (from "Miles from Tomorrowland") roam the streets, while Sofia and Jake ride in the car.

Behind them is the final new addition to the parade: Winnie the Pooh. Here, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore drive a wheelbarrow-shaped car overflowing with crops from Rabbit’s garden and honey pots.

Next is the fairest one of all, Snow White, sitting in front of a large mirror. Dopey comes along for the ride in this car fit for a princess. The hood ornament on Snow White's car is a golden apple, which is conspicuously missing a bite. Looks like the evil queen has been up to her old tricks...
And bringing up the rear, being heralded by various Disney characters, are everyone's favorites - Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, riding in style in a film-inspired classic limo. And this car differs from the rest in that Goofy is doing double duty as the chauffeur. A great end to a great parade!
On that note, let's end things here for now. In the next post, I think we'll finish up our day here at Disney's Hollywoodland with the king of all Disney nighttime spectaculars...Fantasmic!


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With that nighttime show theme to films that could well include the Marvel films.

What nighttime show themed to films? I don't recall any mention of that. Besides, my plans call for the park's current nighttime show intact...

In fact, let's take a look at that show right now!


This is it--the granddaddy of all Disney nighttime spectaculars. The show takes guests through a magical, wonderful journey through the imagination of Mickey Mouse, through the fantasy and adventure that is sure to follow. However, the Disney Villains are out to take over Mickey's imagination and use their powers to conquer all.

The show is going to go through an extensive refurbishment, improving both technical and show segments to the nighttime production. All around, lighting, fountains and pyrotechnic features are going to be updated and improved. The projection system utilized for these huge water screens is going to be updated to HD projectors, to deliver a crystal clear projection performance (to my understanding, I've heard this has already been done). Also, the sound quality of the attraction is going to be touched upon, just touching up on all of the technical qualities of the show.

In addition to the technical qualities of the show, the show will receive some all-new scenes. What follows is a description of the new version of Fantasmic!, with the new scenes being bolded.

The show is performed at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater; whose entrance is right in-between the Tower of Terror and the Theater of the Stars.
A long path stretches out behind the Tower of Terror to the amphitheater itself. Lining the back of the amphitheater are a refreshment stand, a souvenir stand, as well as restrooms.

The performance area has been completely re-done. The stage is set around a gigantic, twisting, more realistic-looking mountain. The spotlights on the gate in front of the stage have been removed and moved to the back of the theater, out of the way of guests' vision. Two different cave entrances flank the mountain on both sides. Trees surround the area from all over. A sprawling island plateau rests at the base of the mountain. here are also a series of several levitating trap doors within the stage that allows quicker set and character changes.
A new pre-show involves the Citizens of Hollywood engaging in improvisational hi-jinks (more than likely, this can be another round of "99", or during the holidays, another performance of the "glee club" skit.) But then, a hush falls over the crowd and the area goes dark. In the darkness, we hear...

"Welcome to Fantasmic! Tonight, our friend and host Mickey Mouse uses his vivid imagination to create magical imagery for all to enjoy. Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination. For, in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy. Or, an exciting adventure! But beware -- nothing is more powerful than the imagination. For it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare. Are the powers of Mickey's incredible imagination strong enough, and bright enough, to withstand the evil forces that invade Mickey's dreams? You are about to find out. For we now invite you to join Mickey, and experience Fantasmic--a journey beyond your wildest imagination..."

A very faint musical note is heard, swelling into a chord as the chorus sings in darkness. Once the chord strikes, a beam of light shoots into the sky. Twenty-foot lighting/projection towers ascend through the stage on the upstage left and right sides. They glisten as they rise. Mickey suddenly appears from a trap door in the stage. He dances and conducts various water fountain effects to the tune of the show's theme.
Soon, the giant water-mist screens come up, which, in conjunction with a few flares, fade into the famous "Sorcerer's Apprentice" scene from Fantasia.

From there, the falling stars of the Sorcerer's Apprentice scene morph into flowers, and a female voice sings the Fantasmic! theme. Two large groups of people, each wearing a flower petal appear, and form a flower, which changes colors during the scene.

The water screens disappear into the air and a variety of trees rise from the trapdoors. Vines hang from the light towers. Several animal puppeteers move about onstage.
An instrumental rendition of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" starts up. Floating in the water are giant water barges decorated with vines and flowers, containing Rafiki,Timon, Simba and other black-light monkeys. They dance past as the music plays.

The water screens come back on to reveal Simba and Nala from The Lion King running through the jungle in a short projection which transitions into an electric guitar rendition of "Pink Elephants on Parade" from Dumbo, as animated pink elephants appear onscreen and in the form of performers on the island.
The elephants then seem to be puppets dancing, which transitions into an onstage sequence based on the "Woody's Roundup" sequence from Toy Story 2. Four large puppets (Woody, Bullseye, Jessie and Stinky Pete) are manipulated with fiber-optic "strings" stretching above the puppets. Afterwards, the Genie appears and performs "Friend Like Me", in a segment lifted from Tokyo DisneySea's version of Fantasmic!

Next, the water screens reveal a series of bubbles, containing scenes and characters from classic Disney movies (The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Dumbo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Mulan, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Fantasia, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.) During the sequence, bubbles fly out into the audience, fully immersing guests in this "bubble world".

In a sequence lifted from Disneyland, the fish from "The Nutcracker Suite" from Fantasia appears and dances to "When You Wish Upon a Star".
Jiminy Cricket appears, stuck in a bubble. Suddenly, Monstro appears, splashing several waves onto the audience! The sea morphs into the flood scene from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". Mickey Mouse, almost drowning in a channel of water, heads down a whirlpood and sucked into darkness. As Mickey looks around in the dark, a ship caught in a storm appears. Suddenly a huge explosion, not unlike that of a ship's cannon, goes off.

This segues into a new sequence based on Pirates of the Caribbean. The island and mountain transform into Isla De Meurta, and in a style similar to the Peter Pan sequence at Disneyland's Fantasmic, the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman battle it out, a la Dead Man's Chest. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Davy Jones all participate in this epic stunt sequence. I dare say this could rival the aforementioned Peter Pan sequence.

At the end of the sequence, the water screens show the Black Pearl sailing away as the "camera" zooms up into the clouds, where we see classic dancing scenes with Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and Princess Jasmine and Aladdin on the water screens to a reprise of the theme.

Three small floats now arrive, with Belle and the Beast, Ariel and Prince Eric, and Snow White and Prince Florian each contained in their own float. As each float reaches the center, the spotlight shines on it, with the accompanying signature melody from each movie — "Beauty and the Beast," "Part of Your World," and "Some Day My Prince Will Come", respectively floating stage takes the foreground on the water. In the foreground, LED lights on each floating stage turn from white to multicolored.
The music takes on an ominous tone as Mickey's dream takes a turn for the worse. The Wicked Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is on stage, calling for her magic mirror — which appears onscreen in animated form. The mirror informs the Queen that the three princesses are fairer than she, and that "in Mickey's imagination, beauty and love will always survive." Angered by this, she runs to a cauldron, concocts a spell amidst pyrotechnics and other special effects, and turns herself into the hag to turn Mickey's dream into a "Nightmare Fantasmic".
Upon being told by the Magic Mirror that she now has the power to control Mickey's mind, she invokes an excited Ursula, from The Little Mermaid, who ecstatically joins the plot against Mickey. A large 30-foot puppet of Ursula appears and sings a reprise of "Poor Unfortunate Souls, as Flotsam and Jetsam glide across the river.
Afterwards, Ursula calls on Jafar, from Aladdin, who uses his magic to send Mickey (in his classic attire) to the Cave of Wonders. After escaping a wave of lava, Mickey encounters Jafar, who transforms into a giant black cobra appearing on both the stage and the mist screens.
Seeing a magic lamp, Mickey rubs it, assuming it will help him, hoping that the nightmare would end. But unfortunately, it only makes matters worse, as Scar from The Lion King appears. A gigantic puppet of Scar appears and menaces Mickey and the audience as he sings "Be Prepared" and the shadows of hyenas-turned-Nazis march along the mountain. Scar then calls upon Chernabog from Fantasia, as the infamous devil appears as a giant, hulking animatronic resting high atop the mountain. He summons the spirits of demons as the iconic "Night on Bald Mountain" score plays.

He summons a blast of fire which appears on stage as Maleficent's classic entrance-by-fire. She prepares Mickey, now in his Brave Little Tailor outfit, to deal with the powers of HER imagination.
She rises into the air and the water screens show her transforming into a dragon as the villains laugh maniacally. On stage, the 45-foot dragon sets the waters ablaze breathing fire onto the river.
Natural-gas piping allows the flames to burn on top of the water as they spread to take over the stage. Sometimes when the dragon is down for refurbishment, Maleficent stays as herself, still with the evil powers and ignites fire on the moat not by her mouth, but by her glowing stick. She still gets destroyed the same way. Mickey, faces the dragon, claiming "You may thing you're so powerful... well, uh... This is my dream!" He uses the powers of his imagination to conduct the water as he did at the beginning of the show and create a wall of water around the island, smothering the flames. He pulls the sword from the stone which shoots sparks through the wall of water, defeating it, As the dragon screams, and as the water screens show the demise of the Queen/Hag, Ursula, Jafar, Scar and Chernabog, Maleficent also dies as the water splashes with a large firework bang.

Everything is silent, until Tinker Bell appears. Magical stars sparkle on the mountain as a brand-new, large version of the iconic Steamboat Willie riverboat (the old one looks kinda cheap anyways) glides past as pyrotechnics rain down the side of it. Then, with a sudden crescendo in the music and a blast of light, Mickey Mouse appears as his "Steamboat Willie" self, steering the riverboat past fountains and fireworks. On the riverboat, classic Disney characters wave ribbons in jubilation.
My vision for the new steamboat will have the basic largeness and structure of Disneyland's Mark Twain Riverboat, but will look like the steamboat from the Steamboat Willie cartoon.
There are three levels of the riverboat, and here are the characters that will be on each level:

Bottom Level: Belle, Beast, Ariel, Eric, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Pinocchio, Gepetto, Jiminy Cricket, Rafiki, Timon, Baloo, Mowgli, Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Bear

Middle Level: Lilo, Stitch, Snow White, The Prince, Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Captain Jack Sparrow, Peter Pan, Wendy, Aurora, Phillip

Top Level: Mary Poppins, Bert, Mr. Penguin, Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko, Hercules, Meg, Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Green Army Men, Chimney Sweeps

The sequence is accompanied by searchlights, fountains, fire, and pyrotechnic effects. With another flash of pyrotechnics, Mickey appears atop the highest point of the mountain as the Sorcerer's Apprentice as fireworks, fire, lasers, and water light up the stage. As the finale concludes, Mickey disappears from the top of the mountain with another spark of pyrotechnics, there is a small explosion in the main center stage and Mickey simultaneously reappears in his formal attire from the beginning of the show. Mickey says, "Some imagination, huh? Ha ha!" Pyrotechnics shoot out of the main stage and barges on the moat, as he vanishes one last time to the final notes of the music while a cone of lights and searchlights bright up the stage for a few seconds. On the last note of the musical score, bright low-level mines go off. The show is concluded.

Here is a list of showscenes for the new show.
  • Introduction
  • Mickey's Imagination/The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Flowers/Lion King Sequence
  • Pink Elephants on Parade
  • Woody's Roundup
  • Friend Like Me
  • Bubble Montage (feat. elements of "The Lion King", "The Jungle Book", "Dumbo", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Alice in Wonderland", "Hercules", "Aladdin", "Mulan", "Cinderella", "Lady and the Tramp", "Fantasia", "The Princess and the Frog", "Tangled", "Frozen", "Bambi", "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid")
  • Monstro's Attack
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Battle
  • Princess Segment (feat. elements of "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella", "Aladdin", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Little Mermaid" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs")
  • The Evil Queen Summons the Magic Mirror
  • The Queen's Transformation
  • Ursula's Wrath
  • Mickey in the Cave of Wonders/Jafar
  • Scar's Attack/"Be Prepared"
  • Chernabog/"Night On Bald Mountain"
  • Maleficent's Transformation/Mickey Battles the Dragon
  • Finale: Good Conquers Evil/Sorcerer Mickey's Magic
And there we have it...the all-new Disney's Hollywoodland.

From what was once a park with a missing identity and a crazy mish-mash of random things, I've created distinct, immersive themed lands on par with Magic Kingdom's and Animal Kingdom's, corrected glaring errors (like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster making no sense along a Hollywood street with an unclear time frame), set everything in an idealized and romanticized time period (no more modern brick walls or showbuildings) and added what the park needed most: rides.

In fact, in terms of numbers, in addition to the current additions of Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land, I've added four E-tickets (Monsters, Inc. Door Coaster, The Incredible Adventure, Ratatouille and Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin), two D-tickets (The Great Muppet Movie Ride and Tour de Riley) plus sorely-needed family attractions (The Pixar Story, the new Disney Animation building, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc.). This Hollywood park isn't short on showmanship either, with four theaters (all with new or improved live shows). Most importantly, everything fits. Existing rides and even restaurants have folded into the story for cohesive settings and time periods within each land.

Well, as they say in Hollywood...that's a wrap!
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Odd I thought there was a second nightime show that uses projection mapping on the Great Movie Ride building you posted in your other Disney Hollywoodland concept that had films like Titanic, Disney, etc.


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Happy Halloween, everybody! In the spirit of the season, here's what I'd do for Halloween here at the park...

Halloween at Disney's Hollywoodland
From head to heel, Hollywood Boulevard is decorated to the season, as well as Sunset Boulevard, where the decor is based more on fall than Halloween. The other lands in the park won't be decorated, because that would break theme and time period for most of them.

Now, I was perusing @TRF's Imagineerland blog, and I noticed some pretty cool ideas for Halloween here, so I decided to share them with you.

Attraction overlays are are selected by how easy it would be to install the overlay, as in which attractions would be closed the shortest amount of time. I don't want to have any significant closures, and no closure is the best option. With this, I selected attractions that are primarily film so the transitions could happen over a few days or a night. Here they are:
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: The exterior and lobby are redressed for a Halloween Party that never happened. New minor changes are made to the storyline and the projections through the ride are changed to reflect the Halloween party story. New lighting effects in the drop shafts are also added just to give a new experience.
  • Toy Story Midway Mania: The games are all changed for a new Halloween theme as well as some season specific props in the queue and loading area. This I believe was an original promise of the attraction, and I am a little surprised this has never happened before.
  • Muppet*Vision 3D: This 3D show gets a new seasonal movie showing the Muppets filming a "scary" movie that doesn't go very well. Since the Muppets are currently in production for their show, it shouldn't be too hard to make a new seasonal film.

Villains Unleashed
As you all know, this was a one-time event. Well, in my plans, that one-time thing will become annual. From 8 pm to 1 am, Disney's Hollywoodland comes alive, scattering villains throughout the park, in addition to a variety of live stage acts. The basic premise here is that the villains have broken out of the movies and taken over the park.
  • Welcoming Show: It all kicks off with a welcome show at Center Stage, which involves the takeover of the park by the Villains. The villains from Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars properties emerge from the movies to take control for one night of chaos and fear.
  • Villain Take-over Zones: These basically serve as areas where you can meet the Disney villains. The three Villain zones are comparable to scare zones, but less scary and more cool environments featuring the Villains from each land. There are three different zones.
    • Animation Courtyard: The first zone is Animation Courtyard, where animated villains roam and greet guests. There are no formal meet and greet lines and the characters move freely in the area to interact. Only a few are out at any time and rotate through the night.
    • Pixar Place: Actually, this one is four separate areas. By the Monsters, Inc. area is a full scale child-outbreak, filled with CDA agents and trucks, and panicked monsters. By the Incredibles is a full sized Omnidroid attack. The Toy Story is overrun by Zurg, Pete, and Lotso. And in Emeryville, various other villains--Hopper, Chef Skinner, Auto, Muntz and Mor'du--appear, and Toy Story of Terror! plays in the screening room at The Pixar Story.
    • Lastly, Star Wars Spaceport is overtaken by Bounty Hunters and the Sith. The villains of the galaxy are found in the main courtyard of the land and periodic
  • Nighttime Tower of Terror Overlay: Although this ride gets a daytime overlay, this nighttime overlay is much more intense. The night version features a longer and more extreme drop sequence, a scarier projection storyline, and new effects in the 5th Dimension room including a live actor. This is now meant to be an intense ghostly experience.
  • Nighttime Invasion! Overlay: Here, Mercury Radio Studios becomes overlay. Pale lights flicker on and off; Orson Welles is nowhere to be seen; and everywhere, there seems to be the sense of an actual alien invasion. The ride vehicles take a wild trip through the pitch black city, with absolutely no light inside the show building.
  • Oogie Boogie's Freaky Funhouse: Taking place inside the Theater of the Stars, this show subdues the glitz of the Golden Mickeys for the freaky vibe of Tim Burton. The famed bag-of-bugs from The Nightmare Before Christmas starts things off by performing his famous song, after which he introduces a series of sideshow acts, including a sword swallower, daring archers, and fire dancers / eaters. The highly entertaining show was the highlight of the night for some (including me), Plus, this ain't unlike regular Disney fare, because this show features skimpy outfits and some adult jokes.
  • Hollywood Brown Derby Sinister Soiree: Along with unique food offerings, Disney entertained patrons with a lounge singer performing villainous hits, and even some lesser-known villain tunes, like "Last Midnight" from Into the Woods and even "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules. The atmosphere here is very chic, like being at a club where the villains happen to hang. And indeed they do, as characters roam and sit down with diners to have conversations.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: A Boo-sical: The Walt Disney Theatre gets transformed into Halloween Town to host an hour-long musical re-telling of Tim Burton's classic film. Except to hear classics like "This is Halloween", "What's This?", "Sally's Song" and even "Kidnap the Sandy Claws". The show will make heavy use of puppetry, in-house effects and crazy lighting.
  • Awesome Mix-Tape Dance Party: The theater that hosts Disney Junior will play host to this Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired dance party. Plus, Star-Lord and Gamora even make appearances to meet up with guests. As to why two good guys from “Guardians of the Galaxy” are here at a villains-themed event, Disney says they were there to recover Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Tape, which apparently was stolen by the bad guys. But really, they're just there to be awesome
  • "Into the Woods" Meet & Greet: Taking place inside the Sunset Showcase, which is reserved only for special events like this, you'll find yourself inside the woods from the film. There, you'll be able to meet some of the characters from the film--namely the Baker, the Baker's Wife, the Witch, Cinderella, Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf and Cinderella's Prince. Why did I include this? Well, since Into the Woods is a macabre take on fairy-tales, I decided to include these characters in on the Halloween festivities. They'll also make appearances in the Fantasyland Forest for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. And if this meet & greet is a success, they'll become permanent meet & greet characters.
  • Fantasmic! Dreams of Halloween: Perhaps the crowning jewel of Villains Unleashed is this special edition of Fantasmic! The show will have a wider focus on Halloween-based Disney properties, and even more villains. The show will also be presented the week before Halloween.
  • Villainy in the Sky: This is the grand finale for the event. Watch as Maleficent conjures up a mighty storm of fireworks as a fitting end to Villains Unleashed. It also has some stage show elements on the central stage with the Villains regathering from their night of power and eventually being sucked back into the movies.

Attractions Open During Villains Unleashed
  • The Great Movie Ride
  • CineMagic
  • First Order/Resistance ride
  • Millenium Falcon ride
  • Star Tours
  • Muppet*Vision 3D
  • The Great Muppet Movie Ride
  • Monsters Inc. Door Coaster
  • The Incredibles Adventure
  • Inside Out: Tour de Riley
  • Ratatouille: Remy's Recipe Hunt
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Alien Swirling Saucers
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Slinky Dog coaster
  • The Magic of Disney Animation
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Invasion!
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Attention, folks--I intend to be returning to this thread. You see, I would like to update this post as progress continues on the DHS expansion. So, over the course of time, expect this thread to get updated when certain things happen.

Take, for example, tonight. The Phineas and Ferb/Cars meet and greets and the Premiere Theatre are, in fact, going away--but not for a Muppet land (although that may be feasible, given that Pizza Planet is going down for refurbishment, and is rumored to be turned into a Muppet eatery), but rather for the Star Wars area.

And, of course, the Streets of America are going to be torn down, so expect to see the New York Street post being deleted (the Sci-Fi Dine In and Writer's Stop will become part of Hollywood Boulevard).

See you soon.


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So, to be clear, The Great Muppet Movie Ride will replace Streets of America?

If there is any space left over, will it be used in your plans as more Pixar or something else?

Just curious.


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So, to be clear, The Great Muppet Movie Ride will replace Streets of America?

If there is any space left over, will it be used in your plans as more Pixar or something else?

Just curious.

Well, it won't necessary replace all of the Streets of America, just the eastern side. I'm sure the rest of the area will be turned into Star Wars Land or simply just be removed.

And yes, as established in the plans, if there's any space left over, I will expand Pixar Place and add in Timeless River.


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--UPDATE: January 15th, 2016--

It has recently been announced that the following things at DHS will be closing this April:
  • Lights Motors Action! Extreme Stunt Show
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure playground
  • Monsters Inc. character meet and greet
  • Watto's Grotto
  • Studio Catering Co.
  • Youse Guys Moichindise
  • Earful Tower
So, with all this logic, so far, nothing is really harming my plans. And, truth be told, I'm not sure about Timeless River being possible, but for now, I will keep it in my plans.
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~UPDATE: January 27th, 2016~

I've heard news here on the site that the former Sounds Dangerous building will be turning into a character meet & greet, so I've gone back and updated my Hollywood Boulevard and Star Wars Spaceport posts accordingly (I posted that Jedi Training Academy would move into the building). Also, I don't really think that the spaceport would work well with the theming of the rest of the land, so I've gotten rid of it.


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~MINOR UPDATE: February 16th, 2016~

Disney has officially released details on the new character meet & greet. The meet & greet will actually be two meet & greets--one for Olaf, and one for Mickey and Minnie. I will still continue to refer to them both as one meet & greet. Much like Pete's Silly Sideshow and Princess Fairytale Hall, I'd have the two meet & greets under one consecutive attraction.


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Remember how I said I'd possibly get rid of Timeless River, since its place is where most of Toy Story Land will go? Well, I'm going to get rid of it. On top of that, I'm going to move the Animation Courtyard post to the former Timeless River post (and also tweak the new Disney Animation walkthrough a bit), and in the place of the current Animation Courtyard post, I'll post information on a whole new land here at the park. This way, you'll be able to read about all the different lands in the park all on one page.


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~UPDATE: February 23rd, 2016~

If any of you guys watched that "Disneyland 60" on ABC on Sunday, you'll know that they took the opportunity to describe a bit more of what Star Wars Land will have in store. And the good people at Theme Park Tourist detailed these details in this post: http://www.themeparktourist.com/new...w-things-we-just-learned-about-star-wars-land

With that said, I've gone back to my Star Wars Spaceport post and added these details in.


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~UPDATE: March 29th, 2016~

Quite recently, it was revealed that the Writer's Stop, originally slated to close on April 2nd, will remain open and double as a waiting area for those who have a reservation at Sci-Fi Dine-In. I have gone back and update the description for the Writer's Stop accordingly.


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~UPDATE: May 5th, 2016~

The Olaf meet & greet has opened as of today. On the 8th, the Mickey and Minnie meet & greet will open. Pictures have been added showcasing the three meet & greets.

Also, I've decided to go back and make a few changes to Pixar Place, including the addition of a whole new area...

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