Disneyland Texas (COMPLETED)

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Let’s officially start this dang thread up now!
Disneyland Texas

That’s right, my friends, my second Disney dream resort is in Texas! But where exactly is it, Disney Warrior? Texas!
Alright, but where?
(sigh) Fine,

This is southern Austin, otherwise known as the capital of Texas. I chose Austin there are no major parks there, and in the DWU, there will now be one!
This is a smaller Disney resort, about the size of Hong Kong or Shanghai. Quality over quantity is specialized here, and as such, there are currently no plans for a second gate. This resort does feature a castle park, a Downtown Disney, and a few hotels.
More info will come in the future, whenever I feel like it!


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Disneyland Texas Park Overview

Welcome, my friends, to this dream resort. This park celebrates both the past and the future in different ways. There are several lands to explore here.
Hollywood Boulevard: The Main Street of this Disneyland, themed to the golden age of Hollywood, also featuring Toontown as a subland.
Adventure Outpost: A lush, vibrant, jungle outpost that features a volcano and an old manor.
Wild Lagoon- A land themed to a waterside port town and a sunken city.
Fantasy Kingdom: The biggest land in the park, located behind Rapunzel’s Castle, features attractions based on all sorts of Disney films.
Tomorrow City: A modern, futuristic, city, presented as sort of a new version of the old Tomorrowland.
Pixar Place: A small, “square“, sized land connecting Tomorrow City and Hollywood Boulevard, with attractions based on some of the more popular Pixar films.
(Also, there will be no Star Wars in this resort, largely due to my dislike for the franchise, Marvel will get an attraction in Tomorrow City)

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