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Disney Xmas Gift Ideas


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I'm curious to know if anyone has given or received any cool Disney World related presents? I'm thinking things that true disney fans would appreciate.
My daughter who is now 19 is obsessed with Disney. I haven't gotten her anything Disney World in awhile but last year I got her a Mickey and Minnie Chamilia bead for her bracelet and this year I'm getting her gold Mickey Mouse earrings.

Sweet Melissa

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Oh, definitely. My D23 membership was a Christmas gift. I've also been given an assortment of Disney collectibles, figurines, jewelry and of course movies over the years. As for gift ideas specifically relating to Disney parks, I can't think of any that I've given or received, but I'm sure I would enjoy them. I think my partner and I are going to buy a monorail train set to circle our Christmas tree this year.


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Yes! I have both received and given many WDW related gifts here is a few:


Beach Towel
Trips to WDW


Christmas decorations
Picture Frames


On the edge of glory.
They have these at the Hallmark store this year. I bought a whole bunch of them- some for myself, and a bunch to give out as gifts. They're really nice, and I love the quotes they picked:




They were fairly inexpensive, too. All of them were in the $9-14 range, and on Friday it's buy 1, get one 50% off.

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