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Disney World visitors can allegedly get free water with this trick


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Disney offers water for free if you ask for it. News at 11.


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Hope it is obvious that I was well aware of how silly this was being listed as anything new or a trick. Thought I'd share it with you guys as it reminds me of the other "obvious" news articles about Disney and how silly they are.
Isn't it Florida law that any place with a soda fountain has to give you water for free? Something like that? I swear I've heard it tossed around the forums in the past.
No it is not the law. A soda fountain doesn't necessarily "enable" someone to get water from it. Some are not equipped with the option.

It's a good business practice if you're in a food and beverage business to offer water. The source of the water can be anything the business deems is practical for their operation. In many cases business owners will opt to have a head on the self-serve soda fountain that can dispense water for their convenience. However in order to do so you must serve a non-carbonated beverage.

Jedi Stitch

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If you have a meal plan with TS, you can ask for a bottle of water to go at the end of your meal, and you are allowed a bottle of water with a fountain at a QS with a meal plan.
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