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alright im looking for any help/ suggestions i can get....

im going to be getting married in september of 2008, i know its a long time away but im trying to get an idea of costs and what kind of packages are offered for disneyworld honeymoons.

im not looking for extensive information, just an idea of costs/ offers so i can start to save now.

i/ we would like to stay for at least 10 days (hopefully longer) and we would like to stay in a resort we cant normally afford like the grand floridian or something along those lines, basically we would want to get the works just to live it up while we are there.

has anyone done a honeymoon and have some suggestions or even stories about it?

any help is highly appreciated


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Back in Oct 99 my wife and I honeymooned at disneyworld. Packages and prices have changed a lot since so a lot of this info is going to be out of date.

We booked a 6 night 7 day stay are Caribbean Beach Resort. Our package included the premium length of stay pass (no longer offered) that got you into everything. We also booked the package that included dining. It was not the X no of snacks, counter service, and sit down meals per day like the dining option now. It was a cash value assigned to our park ticket/room key. You used it just like a charge card at the restaurants. We ate like teenage boys and still ended up with $50 left at the end of the trip. I believe they still offer something like this.

If memory serves, this whole thing was somewhere around $3500.

In September, you'll get the advantage of value season room rates vs the regular season rates we paid but you're looking at a MUCH more expensive resort. And now there are different ticket options and both resorts and ticket prices have gone up. So it wouldn't suprise me at all if 10+ days at Grand Floridian with similar dining was running up to the 10K mark.

Call Disney and ask to price it out for early Feb of this year since it's also value season, and then add 10% which would give you a good ballpark for Sept '08.


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My husband and I were married and honeymooned in Disney in '02. We stayed at the Y&B for 5 days. The wedding price included wedding coordinator, flowers, cake, violinist, limo, resort stay, park hopper passes and I think the officiant. Total was $4500. The only out of pocket expense was a photographer. You can only use certain photographers..Disney will give you a list of people they allow. The same goes for the officiant. Our wedding was an intimate wedding with only 8 people allowed to attend, which was perfect for us. If you are looking for something bigger obviously the price will go up. Definately look into it though because it is really worth it. Disney weddings are beautiful and memorable to not only yourself but your guests as well. We still are told by family members how wonderful our wedding was. Good luck :wave:


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does anyone know of somewhere i can get more info on the honeymoons besides disneyweddings.com?


Think about DVC

Hi there fellow Nutmegger! My wife and I just had our Honeymoon in Oct/Nov and it was wonderful.

We spent 12 days and we also decided that for our honeymoon that we wanted to live it up, spend some extra and stay at a deluxe resort. We stayed at the Beach Club. Partly because of it's location and partly because I had stayed there in the past and knew the quality.

The Beach Club is usually about $300 a night then you add on 10 day park tickets (plan to spend some days by the pool!!) and dining plan and it gets pretty expensive. We saved a little money by using AAA to book. I would definitely suggest using a travel agent for your honeymoon. That way if by chance anything goes wrong you will have someone on your side trying to fix things and you can still relax.

So to the title of my posting "Think about DVC". We actually did a little tour of the Disney Vacation Club while we were there. Basically it came down to if we had spent the money we paid for the room on a down payment for DVC we could have stayed at the Beach Club Villas and been well on the road of ownership. Since you are not getting married until 2008 it may be well worth your while to look into right now. Also if you know someone who is a DVC member you can use their name and get a discount on the price of the points.

We do not regret for a moment going the regular route and we may not have even bought into DVC if we had known more, but it would have been nice to have the option. My wife became a true Disney fan after being there on our honeymoon. It would be nice to know that we have the DVC at our disposal. Oh well, one day. :rolleyes:

One other suggestion. Depending on how long you are going to be there. Look at the cost of park hopping tickets for each day in comparison to an annual pass. I never did actually compare them because I did not want to have to kick myself in the butt, but I think the 10 day hopper with water parks and more is just about the same as an AP.

Feel free to PM me if you want to know anymore about our honeymoon.


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thanks for all the help

we are definetly considering the dvc but we need to look into a house first or at least figure out what we will be doing for that....im hoping well be all set by the time the contemporary dvc is all set

does anyone have anymore info or pics of the honeymoon suite at the grand floridian?


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When my wife and I honeymooned at the Grand Floridian in May 2004 we stayed 2 nites in the Grand Turret Honeymoon Suite at the tune of $650 per nite. We then spent the rest of 8 nites at Wilderness Lodge. The suite at GF is great, very romantic with a perfect view of MK out of the window when you wake up in the morning or look out at nite.
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