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News Disney to offer discount on new MagicBand designs as an optional alternative to complimentary solid color MagicBands


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Interested to see how this works. We always buy special ones for the 3 of us, but this gives us a nice option.


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Now they offer a MB discount! AFTER I've already purchased 2 bands for the DW and myself. Oh well. Getting MB in the mail a few weeks before our trip is always a great pre-trip fun. Signals, the trip is upon us!


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I can't figure out why this wasn't done a long time ago...waiting to get to the park to get your custom band and having the extra complimentary one seems like a waste. It is also unlike Disney to miss an opportunity to make a few extra bucks. This is a good move.


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Glad I haven’t selected our MBs for this year’s trip yet! For once, my procrastination pays off. Looking forward to more info on when this goes live :joyfull:


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It's strange to me they haven't announced when this will be available, just that it will be available "soon." I would think they'd want something like this since it's a revenue generating item up and running with the announcement.


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Ban (free) straws, but keep generating plastic junk that turns a profit. What hypocrites. But, hey, TWDC gets praise for following the latest environmental fad while people keep shoveling cash in their direction, so it’s a win-win.
Those that order magic bands for each trip probably don’t have environmental concerns on the top of their minds. But frankly, that really doesn’t have anything to do with this discussion.
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