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Back in 2006 we were at HS and it had been raining all day, but LMA was going to have a regular show that day, the ground was wet when we got there and we thought they might let it dry out but they didn't and one of the cars didn't turn correctly because of the slippery ground and two cars had a head on collision. The rest of the show was cancelled and both drivers got out of the cars to look at the damage. They both were fine.


I remember once I was with my daughter at the Disney Junior Live! Show at DHS. All seemed fine in the show and then they got to the part where the kids called for toodles. Well, after a few minutes toodles still didn't show up. All these kids were saying "toodles." And were looking all over the place for toodles but he was nowhere to be found. They told us that the show had been cancelled due to technical difficulties. But it was kind of cute hearing all the little kids call out for toodles :p


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I was not sure where to post this ,but I wanted to start a thread on funny Disney bloopers. What I mean by that is if you have a video or funny story you would like to share about bloopers that might have happened while watching an attraction, show, or parade this is the place to share it. Disney is always so perfect that when there is a mess up it becomes hilarious and fun for Disney lovers everywhere. My story would be while watching the beauty and the beast stage show at DHS the beasts tail fell of and had to quickly be picked up By mrs.potts. Always fun when these things happen. I can't wait to hear more!!!:ROFLOL::sohappy:

When I saw the title of this post that was the first thing I thought of! The same thing happened one show a number of years ago. Or maybe it was the same show you saw too. Talk about a "small world"


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The first time I went to WDW, I was with my mom and stepdad. It wasn't long after Aladdin had came out. We did a character breakfast one morning and one of the characters was Jafar. Now, the Genie had stopped by earlier and, in the picture, held my braid up. Jafar did the same thing, but it kinda hurt...not sure if it was a blooper, but I'll never forget that.


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In the early 90s we were at Disneyland...visiting CA. for a family wedding. We spent a day at DL. It was getting time for the nightly parade. We were all walking across the pathway following the crowd....all of the lights went out and one of the workers with their flashlight to guide people stepped away to help someone else. My mother stepped off the curb thinking it was flat land and she face planted in the middle of Main St. USA. turns out she broke her ankle. They had to delay the parade, turn on the lights and bring out a wheelchair to get mom off Main St. The first thing one of the CM's said to mom (age 50) was "If you weren't so old, you probably wouldn't have broken anything"....needless to say that didn't go over to well. But as a kid it was pretty awkward.
:(During a Disney junior live on stage show in march 2013 the host skipped off stage for the next scene change but the stairs had been moved and she fell into blackness off stage. It was horrible. The show was canceled and all the kids were crying cuz the show had just begun!


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One time, as I was browsing pins in the Studio Hat, back when assorted characters still met in the main hub, the characters were all coming out for the scheduled afternoon appearance, and Lilo briefly tripped to the ground a few feet away from me, before one of the handlers helped her up.
I had nothing to do with it. I swear. (I like her!) :oops:

Our niece is now in high school, but she was a hugger in preschool years, and on her first trip to DL, she practically knocked Tigger down on first meet. We since kid her that she "bounced Tigger".


On my trip in 2014 while in line at toy story midway mania I was close watching Mr Potato Head speak when he accidentally hit his right ear with his right arm and his right ear went flying off, it was hilarious, then a few minutes later a cast member climbed up on his platform and replaced his ear


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I had three bloopers / malfunctions while at Disney:
1. While getting out of the rain and waiting for The Flight of Wonders (bird show). The show started and when the CM called for the bird to fly out, it refused to come out due to the downpour. The CM laughed and joked. A few minutes later they cancelled the show.
2. While being a kid, my brother and I were riding on BTM and when we started to climb one of the hills, the train stopped. The announcement to remain seated played for 15 minutes and finally two CMs came out to meet us. We were taken off of the train and led through "the mountains", backstage inside of the ride. It was so cool walking in the belly of the ride. I saw the steel and the fake rocks while climbing up stairs and such.
3. Similar to BTM, I was riding The Maelstrom and right before the ride moved backwards, the ride stopped. The announcement came across and after 20 minutes, a few CMS appeared and off loaded our boat. I didn't get to walk backstage but it was pretty cool.


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I have had two bloopers at Disney World:
  1. In June 2012, me and my mom had FPs for Space Mountain, we were waiting to get on, when we heard this:
    . A couple of minutes later, we were evacuated from Space Mountain and we were given re-entry passes for later. We rode it later in the day.
  2. In May 2014, when me and me my decided to go "park-hopping" at MK and Epcot, once we got to Epcot we had planned on getting an additional FP, and take note it was raining and storming pretty much since 10:30 AM that day. The whole FP+ system was completely offline at Epcot, and we could not redeem any additional FastPasses!


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I've been following this thread and had to make an account just to post this story. It happened exactly a year ago and my mom and I were still laughing about it today. We went to the EPCOT character spot to meet Mickey and friends. We had just finished up meeting Goofy and moved along down the row for Minnie.

A family ahead of us was finishing up and right as it was our turn to walk up, her bloomers dropped. The elastic must have snapped or given out or something, but we just saw her bloomers fall to around her knees, and her character attendant rushed forward to preserve her dignity while Minnie dashed backstage. Our group and maybe the group behind us were the only ones who saw, but while she was away a few groups got backed up and we had to tell everyone who was asking that Minnie had had a "wardrobe malfunction". We waited around a few more minutes for her to come back and as she emerged, she made a very zen gesture like "okay, I'm fine now". Very fun meet with her after.


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Blooper on my part- when I was 3, we were at a character breakfast and I showed Goofy my pressed penny of Pluto, confusing the two. I turned red a few minutes later when I realized my mistake. We have a picture to save this traumatizing memory. Goofy probably still thinks I'm an idiot...


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One ride of CofP, at the ending scene, the teenage girl's hand was suspended with no sweater up to the wrist. The hand was exposed and appeared as if just hanging there. I'm sure there were parts I don't understand, but instead of her pale mauve sweater up to the wrist, it had slipped down and the moving hand was exposed. Very creepy. Once also saw the guy animatron talking at CofP, I think John? and his neck was slipping out of costume, and some mechanical details were exposed at the base of his neck where the shirt was supposed to start. Another creepola moment, but not as bad as the hand.

I've seen lots of boo-boos, mostly with various animatrons being still/out at the wrong times on Splash and PotC.

Also have ridden through a lot of dark rides with lights on, esp. TTA inside a lit up Space Mountain...walls are uglier than I ever would have thought.

Finally, a WDW cast member was a former student of mine who tripped and fell once and I spotted her in a video (she was a princess at the time).
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