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Disney Springs Updates


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Disney springs is more magical than a place that looks 20 years out of date
Nah. Just a little “cool.”

20 years out of date doesn’t mean it’d be bad. It just means it’s set in that time.

Also, things wouldn’t be 20 years out of date if Disney would just be consistent with updating individual places. They don’t have a good track record on that. They wait until EEEVERYthing is out of date and they have no choice but to do a HUGE renovation/replacement.. (Epcot, downtown Disney, Hollywood studios, DisneyQuest, Tomorrowland, ect.)


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Not sure where to have put this observation so I chose this thread. I was there tonight, Sunday night. About 9:45 I was wondering if they were going to close at 10 because it was so busy.

Everything closed promptly at 10 because they are only open until 11 on Friday and Saturday nights. But it's spring break and this seems to really be a mistake. I think Disney literally turning down money. People were everywhere looking in the windows just sitting on the planners loitering and looking for places they could still grab a bite to eat of which there were none because they were all closed at 10. Maybe this week they really should have considered being 11 closings nightly?

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