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Disney Springs recommendations?


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I’m looking for a nice place for dinner in Disney Springs which I haven’t yet tried. We’ve already eaten at Raglan Road, Homecomin’ and the Boathouse. For our next trip we are considering The Edison, Paddlefish or Maria and Enzo’s. Was wondering what your thoughts and preferences are as between those 3? Or, if you have a different suggestion altogether, I’d love to hear that too.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


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Maria & Enzo's is good Italian. Edison is just okay, in my opinion. Doesn't quite know if it wants to be a club or a restaurant and doesn't quite work as either. Paddlefish is pretty good but most people seem to rate Boathouse higher.

Not mentioned but Morimoto is excellent, especially if you like Asian food. The ribs are to die for!


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Just stay away from Paradiso 37...ate there last November, had to send the steak back because it was overdone, the second one came out almost as well done...the rest of the family's food was just OK.
I second this. When we went, the service was slow, orders were inaccurate, and the food had high amounts of grease and little flavor. Easily the worst food I've had in 20+ years of visiting Disney.


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I love Paddlefish. Very good food and really nice atmosphere. It's also nice because you have that element of WDW history, because it used to be The Empress Lilly. I haven't eaten at the other two you mentioned sadly, so I cannot give an opinion on those.
Respect your opinion. But the history is probably why I'm not taken with Paddlefish. I think Fulton's was better....and Empress Lilly better than both. Paddlefish was ok when I ate there. Not great...not terrible. Would I eat there again?....yes, but not as a first option. I always remember the former occupants. Maybe that's what taints it for me - Plus I liked the old fashioned paddle wheeler - rather than the streamlined house boat (looks like a house boat to me).


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I was fairly unimpressed with Boathouse in October. All of DS dining is meh to me. I hear good things about Homecomin' & Frontera Cocina
I ate at Frontera Cocina last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. The menu is a little limited, but everyone in my party of 11 was able to find something that they enjoyed. If you like tequila, try the flight. Our waiter was a bit overly enthusiastic, but he was attentive and made up feel welcome and well attended to. I will definitely go back on a future trip.


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Morimoto was brilliant, the filet mignon was possibly the best steak I have ever had it was to die for. I also visited The Edison and would recommend a visit there as well, would highly recommend the candied bacon starter.


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I second this. When we went, the service was slow, orders were inaccurate, and the food had high amounts of grease and little flavor. Easily the worst food I've had in 20+ years of visiting Disney.
I also really disliked Paradiso 37. The food was unmemorable but the atmosphere (oddly sleazy considering where you are) has stuck in my mind, and not in a good way.

The Mighty Tim

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I just want to add that I quite enjoyed Paradiso 37, but my food experiences were back in 2012 so it might have changed. I've been back for the beer though which is quite good.


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The only spot I've been to thus far is Frontera. It was very, very good. The drinks were fantastic, as were the entrees. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rick Bayless is a very well regarded Mexican chef (although he himself is not Mexican). His brother is Skip Bayless, which I always find funny. His primary restaurant in Chicago is a 1-star Michelin. He has the chops.
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