News Disney Skyliner closing for refurbishment in early 2022


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It will take about a week to add QR code promos for purchasing Genie Plus.

Nah. Slap a sticker inside each and they're good.

But I heard they will also add stickers with QR codes to purchase Disney+ and the Disney+ bundle, plus a donation QR code so you can donate directly to Disney in their time of need and dire financial straits. Rumor has it a short audio clip from Josh and Bob will play overhead, where they beg appeal to consumers to spend more and, if they are so inclined, to donate directly via the QR code.


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God help us if WDI gets involved in any way. That 1 week will turn into 6 months and costs will skyrocket! 😂

For sure, all the good deals, greenlights for good balanced projects are going to Epic Universe's recruited. WDI is booked and done since we will get a new ride this year and Tron after they confirm where Hoffa's remains are.


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not related to the refurbishment, but I brought up with resort leadership last year that they really needed a map for the resort at the skyliner station. Today: voila!


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Last time I brought something up to managment, they told me I should have read the fine print...
I was as nice as could be.... and I got the most snarky response ever.
Excited you were taken seriously!

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They’re doing finishing touches but it is open for use :)
Great, because I tell you the internal bus drivers were a whole new level of crazy.
We picked up the internal shuttle at Olde Port Royale, it made a few stops and another
bus was leaving the stop near the Skyliner. Our bus stopped and the bus driver called
out to the other bus driver asking if the passengers on her bus could get on that bus.
When he drove away our bus driver told us she was ahead of schedule and she would
need to stay at this stop for 10 to 15 minutes. We were staying in the Jamaica section.
(the next stop) We got out and walked. We really were not happy about it though.

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