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I,m intrested in Disney Security my wife and i were there last year and for the first time found out Disney has there own Canine Security in park well i thought that was Great as i Raise and train German Shepherds in Schutzhund Work (german working dog) Tracking,Obedience,Protection I,ve also been thru explosives training seminars and some substance training my self and was wondering where one might find more info in this area? My wife is a Certified Dietary Manager 2 years collage and 17 years experience in food service and is presently the food service manager in a nursing home for 4 years (same hospital chain for a total of 17) I think we would both have qualifications to offer specific areas of work any ideas?


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send a resume to WDW Casting. Just call 407-828-1000 and ask for more info,

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