Disney Quest to close in July 2017


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Saw these stats online for attendance for the NBA:

The NBA set the all-time regular-season attendance record for a third consecutive season with 21,997,412 fans attending games during the 2016-17 regular season. The new record eclipses last year’s total of 21,972,129.

Additionally, the NBA established a new regular-season attendance record for average attendance (17,884), eclipsing the previous high set last year. This year also marked the 13th straight season that league attendance has been at least 90 percent or more of arena capacity (94 percent).

The 2016-17 regular season tied last year’s sellout record (723), marking the third consecutive year the league had 700 or more games sold out.

Highest Total NBA Regular-Season Attendances All-Time
2016-17 ... 21,997,412
2015-16 ... 21,972,129
2014-15 ... 21,926,548
2006-07 ... 21,841,480
2005-06 ... 21,595,804

Highest Average NBA Regular-Season Attendances All-Time
2016-17 ... 17,884
2015-16 ... 17,864
2014-15 ... 17,826
2006-07 ... 17,757
2005-06 ... 17,558

Along with record-setting attendance, the NBA set all-time marks for social media and retail. The league established new records across social media this season for impressions (42.6 billion, +40%) and video views (8.2 billion, +96%). Since the end of the 2015-16 regular season, 282 million new fans have joined the NBA’s social media community – a 27 percent increase. Overall, the league has more than 1.3 billion likes and followers combined across all league, team, and player social platforms worldwide.


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Thanks for reading my ENTIRE comment. I said it was a waste of space to ME.

Knowing Disney and how things work at Disney Springs, any other leftover space will most likely just turn into more pointless mall shops. I will be beyond shocked if they actually put something else with true entertainment value in that spot.
Disney could've sold Disneyquest to a 3rd party company and be done with it :)


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Buh-bye DQ.
As a former cast member there I can honestly say glad to see it go. They had a couple of cool experiences, but tech-wise most of it was obsolete.

I used to teach the animation class, and that was fun, good gig to have working there. The no-so-good rides to work were Mighty Ducks and Ride the Comix. Buzz Astro Blasters, the guests could never understand the instructions. Nor could they comprehend that anything in their pockets would soon be smacking them in the face on Cyber Space Mountain. Nothing like a nickle to the eye to wake you up.

My favorites were vPotC & vJungle Cruise. The VR Aladdin and Ride the Comix were weak, and back in my day they rarely opened the top floor XtraTerrorestrial Encounter tie in ride. The lamest was watching people waste hours playing video games at WDW. You got here, there are amazing things to see, do, experience, and you choose to do Dance-Dance Revolution.

Speaking of vJungle Cruise, I learned from working that ride that 80% if the US population has no idea how to hold a paddle.



Speaking as someone from outside the US and who went to DisneyQuest the year it opened as a kid I'm sad to see it going.
Whilst I totally agree it needed some money spent on it and some serious updates in terms of the tech etc. the concept was fantastic and I'll never forget the Cyberlater with the Genie (Remember it's not an elevator... It's an adventure!) and entering the VenturePort, or Pinball slam!

My last trip was very brief due to lack of time and it was easy to see Disney had lost interest but the inclusion of Fix-It Felix Jr. gave me vague hope it would be converted into some sort of Wreck-It-Ralph style area with the core DisneyQuest ideas remaining.

Alas this is not the case, and certainly anyone I've spoken to here in the UK has said something along the lines of, the NBA experience? What's the point in that? It's just Basketball isn't it? Or haven't even heard of the NBA.
Whilst I'm sure international tourists probably aren't in the majority of visitors and I'm hardly representative of the wider international tourist population; I'm just not sure the NBA Experience is going to attract any better crowds than your average sports bar...

In conclusion: In the unlikely event of a water landing your friends and family members can be used as flotation devices...


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A certain other site has some pictures taken from upstairs in Splitsville and it shows scaffolding starting to go up around the DQ building. So it looks like it will not be a total demolition. Has anyone seen concept art for NBA yet?

It is still being reported by people in the know that it is a total demo. The building is very close to guest areas so it is probably going to be taken apart like they did with the soundstage at DHS where the Toy Storyland entrance is going to be.

Monorail Mike

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It is still being reported by people in the know that it is a total demo. The building is very close to guest areas so it is probably going to be taken apart like they did with the soundstage at DHS where the Toy Storyland entrance is going to be.

Thanks for the info. Makes sense because the interior layout doesn't exactly lend itself to easy re-use.
Also correction: The photos were taken from Cirque.


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Anyone know what is happening with the machines in the place? Did disney own them or a 3rd party company?

Looked like from the video like most were being gutted to have the electronics go to a recycle center that handles such waste. Definitely did not look like they were planning to keep much. Traditional arcades are rather 20th century anyway.

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