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Disney Outfitters store expanding with new construction at Disney's Animal Kingdom


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Interesting that a building made to house the tip board (the fountain house) was a big part of DCA's new entrance, Buena Vista Street, and it's very heavily used over there. Often there's a small line just to see the tip board, and to speak to the mini-guest relations booth they have set up there. Kind of bizarre how differently these resorts are run.
I wouldn't exactly call the fountain house a "big part" of the new entrance. They needed a building to conceal the pump equipment for the fountain, and decided to add attraction wait times on one wall so that the building didn't appear so completely useless to guests

I would assume that the lines are because of the poor signage choices. The text is quite small, so you have to get pretty close to read it. Additionally, they decided to list every single attraction in the park on the board, so it takes a few moments to find what you're looking for. Compared with DL's wait board, where they have about 10 items listed with text that can be read from 50' away, the DCA wait board is a huge misstep

Additionally, the way that DCA is laid out, there's a lot of traffic passing through there as guests move from one area to the next. If I'm in Harambe and want to go to another attraction in DAK, I would just walk directly to it, bypassing the tip board. It's nice to see on the way in, to get a general idea of the crowd levels that day, but it's really not convenient for anything else due to the park's layout and size


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That's correct. DAK was never designed to have a parade, none of the pathways or audio zones were setup for a parade. But that didn't stop Entertainment trying to shoehorn that horrible "March of the Artimals" parade into the park and it didn't last very long.

Thank God and good riddance to it!

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