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Disney Olympus of Imagination.


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Hello everyone. I present you my project. Welcome to the newest Disney themed resort.

Disney Olympic Resort is the continuation of a project I had done time ago. It's the collaboration between three of my bigest pasions, Olympic Sports, Disney and Theme Parks.

I'm going to explain what i've done. I had already created a Theme Park Resort. It's the creation of the International Olympic Comitee, the construction of the first Olympic Theme Park, It's called Olimpia Park. And has one hotel, 3*** Host Villa Hotel.

Olimpia Park is divided in five areas: Host City (a Main Street entrance style that changes decoration depending of the host of the next Olympic Games), The Stadium, Training Sanctuary, Winter-land and Future Champions (a kids area). There are 38 attractions, 8 of them roller coasters (6 of them feature inversions, the others are a wodden family one and a kids one). As you can see, is a thrill-sheeker park.

However, the park hasn't been working as planed. As a way to revamp and relaunch the Resort, and wanting to attrack more potencial families, the International Olympic Comitee has teamed up with Disney for the expansion of Olympia Park.

For now on, let's us introduce you to:


The plans have already been announced for the expansion.

Joining Olimpia Park and the Host Villa Hotel *** are going to be: another theme park, a waterpark, a leisure village, a new man-made lake and three more hotels. This is what it would look like:


(It's messy, I know, but it's just so you can make an idea of what the Resort would look)

Let's dive in the Theme Park. It's going to be called Disney Olympus of Imagination. And the motto is "Shappe your character with the Disney magic and create your own Olympic adventure".

Now we are going to talk about the restrictions of the park. I located the park near Valencia, in Spain. In the lands that were once rumoured to host Eurodisneyland.
Having the Paris park so near and not wanting this to stole their visitors, is going to be different take on Disney's typical Castle Parks. So don't expect Adventurland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and so... also, with fex exceptions, I woont be using any of the Attractions that you can visit in Paris. I want this to be a completely different and new Disney park, and for it to complemente the Paris experience.

So, I invite all of you to journey into Disney Olimpus of imagination!!​
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This is a cenital plane showing how the park would be divided. The map shows 9 lands. However, I haven't decided yet completely. As you can see, Land #5 and #6 are close, and with #6 being a small one, it can be easily joined with, and Land #9 is an extenction of land #8. So the final number of lands can change between 7 and 9.
As I have told before, those aren't your typical Disney lands, on the most parts. because, of course land #1 is...


As you can see, no much surprise with the first land. Main Street serves as the entrance point of the park. However, I've decided to throw the USA part of the name away. Spain is not a heavy patriotic country so haven't that there and the flag everywhere would be looked on upon negatively. Also, I have decided to give it a more spanish feeling. Mains Street is going to be themed to 1900's catalan modernism. With Barcelona beeing the only spanish city that has host olympics, I think is a no brainer that I have to theme Main Street to that. Also, modernism has that dreemy and magic, almost cartoony, look that I love.
Main Street is going to look like this:

Dreemy and colorfoul fachades, odly shapes and big windows. A complete new look to what we are ussed in Disney Parks.
This is the map to Main Street


In Green you can see the attractions. Let's dive in them.
First with #1 when you enter the park would find the Main Street Railroad Station. Hop this magnificent train and get a 20 minute ride around the park. Get amazing views and enjoy a different perspective of the park.


With #2 you would find Main Street Transportation. This attraction allows you to ride the Omnibus, a two story bus, through Main Street.


At #3 you find Animation Academy, a classic Disney Experience that would teach you how to hand draw different Disney characters in under 20 minutes, Check the schedule and don't be late to class!


At #4 you would find the biggest ride in Main Street. Usually Main Street's throughout the parks don't have a big ride, but in my mind I always wanted something in the entrance of the park. And being named around Imagination, it was clear what it was going to be. Journey Into Imagination is a exact copy of the one in EPCOT. Befriend Figment, the purple dragon and dive into your imagination!


And lastly at #5 we can find "The search of the 101 Dalmatians". This is an interactive ride. Guest would find the characters of Anita and Roger (from 8 am to 10 pm) in Main Street. They would explain that they have lost the 101 dalmatians and that they need help to find them. So they are recruiting you for the search party.
The 101 dalmatians would be found through the park (kind of like the hidden mickey's are). If you want to take part on these experience, you just have to download an APP in your phone, and each time someone finds a dalmatian, you just have to scan the QR code attached in the tag and it would show. It would be a colective effort, so at the end of the day the guests would have found all of the dalmatians, everyone who took place in the experience would get an special trophy.
Some dalmatians would be behind trash cans, in rides queue, but other would be movable and would change weekly.
It's a dumb idea, I know, but I think is something fun and adds something else to do in the park.


This are all the rides in Main Street. Entertainment can be found in Red.
#1 is Clopins Gipsy Festival. Themed around Clopin from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, he would host a variety of street entertainment throught the day.
#2 is Main Street Band.

Regarding characters, there are not especific timed Meet and Greets in this area. However, the mext characters can be found prowling around at any moment.


Mickey and the gang will appear randomly through Main Street at different times of the day. Figment and Bing Bong (a new park character) would appear around Journey To Imagination. El Zorro (I had to add him being the only spanish Disney character), would roam Main Street looking for someone to duel with, And Clopin would meet guests after his permormances.

To round things up, this is what Main Street offers in Disney Olympus of Imagination.


1. Main Street Railroad Station
2. Main Street Transportation
3. Animation Academy
4. Journey Into Imagination
5. The Search Of The 101 Dalmatians


1. Clopin's Gipsy Festival
2. Main Street Imaginatio Band

FOOD / RESTAURANT (In purple in the map)

1. Palau Gourmet (The fanciest restaurant in Main Street, Table Service)
2. Corner Strike (DOOI's Casey's Corner, counter service)
3. Molinillo Café (Bar / coffe, light food, counter service)
4. Ice Cream Parlour
5. Arròs de la mare (Specialized in rice and paella, table service)
6. Lolly Trolley (Sweet vending food truck)

STORES (yellow in the map)

1. Emporium
2. Cristal art
3. Disney Quiosc
4. La boutique de Manuela
5. Confitería Sweet Treats
6. Figment exit store

GUEST SERVICES (in color blue)

1. Guest Service's hall
2. First aid
3. Daycare



With this, Main Street is finished. Next time we will journey into Land #2. This is where the castle is typically located at Disney Parks, but this time around a different strcture would be found as the parks centre figure. Stay tuned for more, hope y'all like it.

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Let's start with the second area of the park.


Map legend:
Ride/attraction/Experience - Entertainment - Store - Food - Facilities - Meet & Greet


The central area of the park is going to be themed to teh Ancient Greece. Being in an "Olympic themed resort", this was an obvious choice. It's going to be heavily influenced by the movie Hercules.
I know Hercules wasn't a big hit in the US, but it's a pretty big memorable movie in Europe. Especially in Spain (where the Resort would be located) is pretty memorable. Also, being a meditterranean country like Greece, it hit's close to home and we are used to the culture, so I think it could be a hit.

As previously, the rides/attractions are marked in green in the map. Let's dive in.

With #1 we have the Mount Olympus. Is the Jewel in the crown of the park, the big structure you can see from Main Street. Apart of his majesty, the Olympus Mountain offers a walk-trough passage that shows strainded glass windows of Disney characters as the greek gods (Mickey as Zeus, Donald as Poseidon, Pete as Hades, Minnie as Hera, Daisy as Aphrodite, Goofy as Apollo, Chip as Hermes, Dale as Hephaestus, Clarice as Athena, Oswald as Dionysus, Hortensia as Demeter, Clarabelle as Artemis and Clara Cluck as Hestia).
The Olympus Mountain would also be a key part of the closing event, where proyections will be displayed, and fountains and firework would be used.
Mount Olympus would be a replica of the Mount Olympus in the "Hercules" movie, and would be as tall as the castles in other Disney Parks.


At #2 we have Pegasus Flight. This is your classical disney spinning-ride, but instead of getting into Dumbo, you will be getting into Pegasus, the flying horse friend of Hercules.


At #3 you have another Disney classic beloved by so many. The Human-Mover (Full name: "Greek god charriot's for human moving") is a transport ride that resemblances the Disneyland People-mover.Visitors would hop on a charriot-themed vehicle and have a nice ride trought the Ancient Greece themed area. This ride also offers some unique views of the other areas and, when going under Mount Olympic or attraction #6, would display some classical greek myths.

#4 is a complete new ride at the Disney Parks. And it cames from another beloved IP (yes, a non-Hercules ride in Ancient Greece!!).
It's a dark ride named "Expedition to the lost empire".
In this ride you would joing a expedition team that just founded a new underwater grotto. In the pre show you would learn about the expedition to Atlantis, and, when boarding a steampunk-themed submarined, you would arrive and learn abou Atlantis and it's people. The ride would simulate being underwater, like 20,000 leagues... at TokyoDisneySeas. That's the kind of vibe I want to go with in this attraction, that's why this concepr art for the japanese ride is perfect for this one.



"Disney hits starring The Muses" is the name of the #5 attraction. It's hosted in the Thebes Teather (the walled city left to Mount Olympus is themed to Thebes, in Hercules. The theater is a magnificent building with greek collums and a big staircase, based on this building in the movie: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f0/8e/2a/f08e2a6ee7fc23d8b3f0070f9a4e907c.jpg.
The show would be hosted at different times trought the day, and it will be a celebration of Disney classics and new jams, with a gospel touch. The show would star The Muses, five female singers that would sing and entertain the audience.


And finally attraction #6, the last one in this area. This attraction is a rope maze / challenge trail, like the one in Shangai Disneyland. It's called "A Hero's Training" and it would be themed to Philoctetes hero-trainign island from the Hercules movie.

This is it for the rides. Entreteinment whise, there's an outdoor classic greek theather (#1 in red), that hosts different events depending of the season.

There are different Meet & Greets at this area (marked in the map with the Mickey head) At #1 you have The Underworld. Themed to Hades's meeting room in hercules (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DlUM3DBW0AA3nak.jpg) you can meet Pain&Panic from 11:00 to 12:30 and Hades from 16:00 to 17:30.
At #2 (there's a mistake in the map, it should be where
#1 blue is), you can meet Milo and Princess Kira from Atlantis every morning from 10:00 to 11:00.


Hercules and Megara can be found daily and randomly through the whole land and should be easy to find. Also, Philoctetes would appear sometimes in the "A Hero's Training" surroundings.


To round up things, this is all you can enjoy in the Ancient Greece themed land.


1. Mount Olympus (and walktrough)
2. Pegasus Flight
3. Greek god charriot's for human moving
4. Expedition to the lost empire
5. Disney hits starring The Muses
6- A Hero's Training


1. Greek Theater (Hosts sectional events)

FOOD / RESTAURANT (In yellow in the map)

1. El Tridente (Mediterranean food, Table Service)
2. Hestia's cozy stew (Classical food, Table service)
3. Kronos (fast food, counter service)
4. Food and beberages smuggler truck
5. El tugurio del inframundo (Coffe bar and sandwiches, counter service)

STORES (purple in the map)

1. Atlantis (Expedition to the lost empire exit shop)
2. Armour Collection
3. The Fates handmade jewelry
4. Pin trading ambulant spot

GUEST SERVICES (in color blue)

1. Guest Service's


1. Pain & Panic / Hades
2. Princess Kida & Milo

And that's ot for this land. I hope you all enjoyed it. Next, we are goingon and adventure!
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With Greek Mythology have you had thoughts on including Percy Jackson or Camp Half Blood in the park unless you have plans for it later.


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Third area of the park. In paper, a similar look to an existing Disneyland area... welcome everyone to...

Map legend:
Ride/attraction/Experience - Entertainment - Store - Food - Facilities - Meet & Greet


Similar to Adventureland in other parks, Expedition Adventure is a place to dream, scout and discover. Is the place for all the fearless kids. A land of many adventures, this area is themed around Latinoamerica. Specially, is divided in diferent mini-areas. The bottom area of the land is themed to South American rainforest. The left is themed to Mexico, with a pre-columbian Mayan temple reigning. And the right part is themed to the Caribbean: palm trees and margaritas are common in this part.
Let's dive in in the action.

Orinoco River Rapids is the water attraction of this area. Themed to a rainforest that is being cutted down, this Rapids attraction follows the same history as Kali River Rapids. It's about the importance of nature, the problem of deforestation and wildlife conservation. Apart of the history, the ride is a fun and fast rapids, quite a wetter one (needed with Spanish climate).


At #2 in the map we have Swinging with Tarzan. This attraction is wour classical swingin chairs, but themed to the movie Tarzan (yes, I know, Tarzan doesn't happend in LatinAmerica, but it's a rainforest too so who really cares?). The structure of the ride would be a gigant tree and the chairs will be themed to lianas. An adventure for the entire family with this attraction!


An exact copy of the ride on Tokyo DisneySeas, in #3 we have Indiana Jones y el templo de la calavera de cristal. The ride is located inside an enormous Mayan Temple. I want this temple to be hidden from the rest of the park and only watchable once you are in front of it, to give the impresion of a real expedition.

At #4 is a version of another Disney Classic. Based on the Disneyland ride "Matterhonr Bobsleds", this bobsleigh-coaster is getting a full re-themed to fit into the area and into the olympic-themed story of the park. Is going to be based on the history of the Jamaican Bobsleigh team, a story told in the 1993 Disney movie Cool Runnings. Called Kingston bobsleds, the roller coaster will be a thrilling journey.


In #5 you will find a indoor attraction. Based on conservation and the problem of deforestation in the Amazonas, "Ecosystem, a Disney Conservation project", would show the work done in parks like Animal Kingdom, and the problem for species all around the world. The goal of this attraction is to raise awareness. The first part would be a 5 minute-moviea about the flora and fauna of the world. Once the movie is over, you can left the ride, or continue and go a walk-trough/musseum to see and learn more.


At the bottom of the area you will find attraction #6, Jungle Trail. This site aimed for kids is divided in three areas. The first one is a classical playground themed to a jungle, for kids to play. The second area is an "exploration site", were kids and adults would find a maze style area were you are going to need to climb, crawl and explore to find the secret. And the third one is a Meet & greet.


And finale, the last attraction on this area is something you can already see at Disneyland Paris. I said at the beggining that I was trying to not had the same rides that tehy are already in Europe. But this The Black Pearl Ship is just a walk-trough, so that's why I also put it in this park. This would serve as a great photo-oportunity, and also a meet & greet.


This is all for the rides.
Entertainment whise, there are two shows, The first one is "Pirates of the Caribean: The quest of the redhead pirate". It's a pirate themed stunt show. #2 is "Rhythm of the jungle", a show around percusion, singing and dancing with a lot of public interaction.



The first Meet and Greet is #1, near the ship and the Pirate stunt show. There you can meet Jack Sparrow or the Red-Hair pirate.

The #2 Meet & Greet is near Swinging with Tarzan. There you can meet Tarzan, Jane and Terk.

At lunch time, either Elena of Avalor or Miguel would great hungry guests in #3, outside the Ávalor Royal Buffet.

Finally, Mowgli, Baloo and King Louie would appear on #4, at the kids entretainment area.

Besides the oficial timed meet & Greets, other characters would appear randomly and without notice in the land. Search for Russell from Up! or look for the mischievous jungle monkeys, they are easy to find and appear every day at different times. Indiana Jones or Kuzco would appear every day near the Mayan temple. Rarely, Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles are roaming around too.



1. Orinoco River Rapids - (River rapids)
2. Swinging with Tarzan - (Swing ride)
3. Indiana Jones y el templo de la calavera de cristal - (Dark ride)
4. Kingston bobsleds - (Bobsled-coaster)
5. Ecosystem, a Disney Conservation project - (Cinema-walk-trough)
6, Jungle Trail - (Adventure trail + kids playground)
7. The Black Pearl Ship - (Walk-trough)


1. Pirates of the Caribean: The quest of the redhead pirate
2. Rhythm of the jungle

FOOD / RESTAURANT (In yellow in the map)

1. Café Trinidad (Caribean style cuisine, Table Service)
2. Ávalon Royal Buffet (Buffet, Table service)
3. Tropical outpost (Juices, drinks and margaritas)
4. Explorers terrace (Fast food, counter servuce)
5. Jungle treats (Food cart)

STORES (purple in the map)

1. Caribbean exports
2. Trading market
3. Tikal Temple (Indiana Jones exit store)
4. Wild post
5. Expeditions new groove


1. Jack Sparrow or the Red-Hair pirate
2. Tarzan, Jane and Terk
3. Elena of Avalor or Miguel
4. Mowgli, Baloo and King Louie

And that's all from this area... next land, we are getting a little sppoky... cause Villains Edge is coming!! Stay tunned for more. Hope y'all like it.


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Or a event like with Season of the Force, and Summer of Heroes even with Mickey & friends dress in Camp Half Blood clothes.
An event! A perfect way to test the waters! The event would probably be in the fall. It would be called “Camp Half-Blood Season”, and feature exclusive food and merchandise.

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