Disney No Longer Including Appetizers for Deluxe Dining Plan


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Assumed I should put this here as it's "news"- but feel free to move it to dining if mods feel differently.


Cya later Appetizers. Just entree and dessert now.

@SherlockWayne Attached a pic of the french brochure, and it still has the appetizer listed. So one of them are wrong. When we get confirmation which is real, I'll update this post.


apps ARE included in sit down meals


Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
That was a typo. It's going up $20 per day. ;)
from what I am finding, the appetizer is still included at the Table Service Dining options....which is the way it has been for years. There is no appetizer at Counter Service locations.

They had a typo and fixed it last week. It had left them off of the Deluxe by accident when this was first posted. Took them about 2 weeks to fix it but they did. When the first brochure came out that link did not show apps included with the Deluxe plan. But all is well with the world again as it was just a mistake and now is fixed. Lol :)

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