Disney names new parks leadership roles

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I’m driving to work, but I was just informed George is out. More SWGE fallout?


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Correct Josh Damaro is the new President of the Walt Disney World Resort & Rebecca Campbell is at the Disneyland Resort.

From what i understand, George Kalogridis who was the former President of the Walt Disney World Resort is now the head of Disney segment development and enrichment.
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"Powell’s sudden departure had many speculating that she was leaving the company after lackluster attendance at Disney’s new Star Wars-themed lands at Disneyland and Disney World. Chapek called the reports “erroneous.”

“I will tell you that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has exceeded every expectation we’ve had,” Chapek said. “There is no there there to this being anything but a runaway success.”

OK Bob, if you say so...


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Kalogridis promoted to develop best practices and train newbie execs. Swan song before he retires. 50 year company veteran.
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