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Disney Medallion Collection


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Hey everyone! I'm brand new here and not sure if this is the appropriate place to hunt for some information, so please disregard if I'm in the wrong here. Long story short, I've been hunting down the Walt Disney World Medallion Collection from all 4 parks. They have a very personal meaning related to a family member of mine and I'm not sure where else to look. I've found a handful on eBay and other sites like that. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Are there any Disney stores, coin collectors, second hand merchandise type shops that may carry these? They're not recently released items, so I have no idea where to look. I'll attempt to attach a picture of them here, but they're metal coins (Magic Kingdom was made of pewter, MGM was gold plated, etc) and were sold at each attraction some years ago. If you google 'Disney Medallion Collection', you should see what I'm after. I'm not 100% sure the year on them - I know the Magic Kingdom versions had to be around 2000, the MGM medallions had to have been early because they're labeled as "MGM" not Hollywood Studios. Any help would be tremendously appreciated!! Thank you all!



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The problem with disney collecting is you find stuff everywhere. But ebay is ur best bet.