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Disney Magic Kingdoms


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I mainly peruse the Imagineering forums, and I often take part in brainstorming threads for new rides and parks and the like. So, I was very, very happy to see what will be coming soon in the Disney video game world...

See, at last weekend's D23 Expo, Disney announced that a new mobile game is coming soon. This new game is called Disney Magic Kingdoms, and it's a game similar to the likes of RollerCoaster Tycoon, where players can create their very own Disney park.
The whole thing begins with Cinderella Castle. Players can build their ideal park around the castle, utilizing attractions influenced by Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris and more.
There will be plenty of attractions that you can pick and choose from, including Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Princess Fairytale Hall, Astro Orbiter, California Screamin', Mickey's Fun Wheel and tons more.

Ah, but unlike other theme park builder games, there's a story behind this one: apparently, Disney villains are trying to take over this kingdom, and it's up to the players to keep them away in the form of quests and such. There will be plenty of characters to see--including Mickey, Cinderella, Buzz, Mike, Maleficent, Zurg, Mother Gothel and many, many more.

Here, this video should show you what to expect:

The game should be coming out soon for iOS, Android and Windows.

Again, I'm really, really excited for this to come out. Many people have long wished for a Disney park-builder game, and I think our dreams have come true...


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I hope its free like other mobile games that does these type of mobile games.