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News Disney joins the U.S. Travel Association in campaign to boost travel - "Let's Go There"


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I wear glasses, so I am always aware of my mask. If anyone has any anti-fogging tips that aren't cumbersome or ridiculous, I am all ears.

As mentioned, one with a wire frame across the nose to contour it better there helps. I think the biggest help though is taping the mask down across the bridge of the nose. Keeping that area tight down prevents the humid exhaled air from leaving via the top of the mask towards the eyes/glasses and instead it will travel along the least resistance out the sides or bottom.

And actual medical tape works best for this purpose.


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So nice that they want people to go, but I'm not spending the same amount of money to go to Disney with fewer hours. One of my favorite things is nighttime in the parks...so yeah. I did have a tentative trip in mind for April 2021 but I'm waiting to see what the end of the year brings.
I wish you could park hop when capacity is available but the reduced hours are fine. Was in AK today for 3 hours. Rode FoP, Dinosaur and Kali 2x each and EE once. The park was crowded compared to July and we could have done every attraction once in 4 hours. The park doesn't need to be open more than 8 right now.


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It's a last gasp before shutting down. People who don't want to wear masks or socially-distance will travel.
Cruise lines are shut down for a reason and I believe that is until January, so far.
Personally, I've been doing fine and staying healthy, so paying to go somewhere to be around people are aren't as believing or cautious isn't my idea of a relaxed, fun, vacation. I can wait. There are other places to go and other places to spend my vacation dollars while having a bit more control of my personal situations. How Disney responds with prices speaks volumes!

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