News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021


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I seriously don’t understand the hate for this show. This type of hate should be reserved for Mix Magic level!

I would Agree!!!!!!!

Same here - it's by no means my favorite of Disney's Fireworks shows, but to me it's in basically the same league as Happily Ever After (which also isn't my favorite Fireworks show). If I were grading and gave HEA a B then I'd give Disney Enchantment a B- at worst, and yet people talk like it outright deserved an F. Even Mickey's Mix Magic at Disneyland deserves at least a D. People act like DE delivers nothing at all.

That said, I also wonder if people just didn't pay attention to what Disney plainly said was coming. I'd hoped for years for a WDW history-centric equivalent of DL's "Remember, Dreams Come True" for the 50th, but when they announced Disney Enchantmend they definitely made very clear that it was absolutely not going to be that and I started recalibrating my expectations. On first viewing I felt that, despite its faults, DE pleasantly surprised me, whereas my first viewing of HEA actually left me a little underwhelmed.

I really think people overstate the gap between Disney Enchantment and Happily Ever After. You'd think it's a gulf from the way people talk about it. They're not nearly as different and people like to insist.


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I seriously don’t understand the hate for this show. This type of hate should be reserved for Mix Magic level!
This show was good as the regular show, but not if the show was intended as part of 50th anniversary celebration, where they want a Epcot Forever-style fireworks spectacular of park-centric contents but more focused on WDW widely. They didn't acknowledged the history of WDW at Enchantment until after 10 months of celebration, and that's too late for guests who want HEA to return, as well as Jordan Fisher complained it. If they want a more focused WDW content on Enchantment, they should do it from day one (even from concept art of the show)
Failure of this show (as well as Harmonious and most of 50th anniversary entertainment in general), illustrated that Disney has failed to met guest demand regarding the expectation of anniversary offering.


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As this is the last night where complaining about Enchantment isn't seen as not being able to let something go, I would like to highlight something I've never really seen anyone bring up but that stuck with me as being not well done; its version of the "adversity" portion.

Happily Ever After and Enchantment have essentially the same thing; the part that's supposed to be sort of like the low point in the three act structure, followed immediately by the "pick yourself up part". The part where the villain music plays.

HEA seems to have much more of an idea for what it's going for. It picks action scenes, and so pairs the fast paced music it with big, dramatic, quicker visuals. It's stuff like the fight between Simba and Scar at the end of that film or Aladdin dodging Jafar as a snake. It makes for a part that feels cohesive and high energy.

Enchantment doesn't do that. This one seems to have just picked any moment that was sad in a movie. So while Night on Bald Mountain is playing, you've got stuff like shots of Miguel looking sad or Bing Bong disappearing, mixed in with stuff like the avalanche in Mulan.

The end result feels really inconsistent and awkward, because the slow images don't feel like they match the music, and stands out to me as a major example of HEA doing something better.

(To say nothing about how HEA devoted the entire castle to specific scenes whereas Enchantment gives a lot of them a little portal to work with.)

Not that that's my only problem with Enchantment (or even that segment), but this'll probably be my last chance to bring it up and I've been thinking about it since I first saw the show.
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I had very interesting dreams during my naps during the DE finale.
Must have been very quick between Tink and the final Shot...................

Several YT Streams are labeling this the Last Night Ever for DE.........

Where have I heard that before??...........

Should we be cautious in case MK keeps DE's File???.....


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Compared to HEA!? The pyro seems way more interesting in DE to me.
Having a bunch of flying fish and horsetail shells in the finale is really cheap and boring-looking, but 🤷‍♀️. Also they didn't bother to add long tails on them, another finale-killer.

They also cut the one impressive Mulan-flower shell that was left over from HEA. Thank goodness it's at least returning.

I will give that having a lot of willows in the finale is pretty cool, but there' many. No variations. Wishes had the right amount for its finale imo.

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Was watching the live stream and noticed there was one extra little farewell shell (this is common tradition for retiring shows at Disney).

Very very beautiful shell and I'm glad I peeped it amongst the other finale shells.


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And there goes DE!! Along with the 50th with the last Answer The Call in WSL(Harm's Post Show). You did the 50th WDW!!! Bumpy to say the least, but WDW did it!!! THANKS WDW!!!!!!!

Also thanks for DE's Theme Song and the Aug Renewal(which we should have had on Oct 1, 2021, I can't lie!!)MK!!!!!

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