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Disney Emoji Blitz


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Anyone else playing?

Cute game. I initially had trouble accessing the emoji I had unlocked, but finally figured it out. The instructions appeared to be written for an iphone which wasn't very helpful on my Android phone.
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I just started today! It's pretty fun. I also struggled with figuring out how the keyboard worked. It's basically like copying and pasting pictures lol.

Basically this is my version of PokemonGo haha!


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I'm having the worst time with it. :( The app keeps crashing every time I try to unlock my first emoji. I have an Android Galaxy. Is anyone else having this problem. It's super fun to play, but it keeps crashing. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, but no hope in sight.


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Click on the settings button (top left of the app) and click Keyboard Setup. It will explain how to get the keyboard onto your phone. Once that's done, you will be able to access the new keyboard. Click on an emoji and it will show up in a separate 'box' - you essentially have to copy and paste it into your main 'texting box'. So truthfully, it's not really a new keyboard with emojis - it's a new keyboard with images that you can copy & paste into your text message.

Hope that (somewhat) helps!


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I was hoping for more "emojis" in a different sense of the word. However, it does give you options with each, and it is a fun little time waster
On the free video prize:
"The ads are only offered to players who have not purchased anything in the game. When a player makes a purchase they have effectively payed for the game and the ads feature will be disabled."


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too bad you can't get the characters you want when you spend your coins. would make collecting items a bit easier. took me nearly a week to get 1 glass slipper because i didn't have cinderella
From the help team
"Yes, level 90 is currently the highest achievable level for Emoji Blitz. Because you will stop collecting XP points, you will only be able to complete the daily challenges until the level cap is raised. As for whether or not you can participate in special events, that will depend on the event itself, so you will just have to wait and see!"

my response:
"I would like to suggest to make a way to keep on playing after reaching the highest level. That way we can continue to build up coins to buy/level up emojis and to compete in the leaderboard. Otherwise we are being punished!

Can we still play when more items are added, being at level 90? If not that would also not be nice!"

Maybe we can all write to them and ask to make it a way to continue playing when reaching the highest level???
"Accidentally" I finished level 90 (was trying to avoid) and went into challenges for level 91! So maybe the last one so far is 95, as some other people have mentioned in some forum. I'm not even going to deliberately work on them,
"Accidentally" I finished level 90 (was trying to avoid) and went into challenges for level 91! So maybe the last one so far is 95, as some other people have mentioned in some forum. I'm not even going to deliberately work on them,
I sent the question of levels again to support and their answer: "Thanks for the update! While we haven't had any official information about a new level cap, sometimes the Development Team sneaks them in there to test out! Keep an eye out for any more updates that may contain even more levels for you!"

So, nothing is certain,
you may/may not get past level 90 (some have reporting caping out at 95)
when you cap, you may/may not be able to continue playing (for points for the leatherboard), you may/may not be able to play on "events".

My solution, play the levels very slowly and avoid finishing them. The prize for finishing a level may be worth it (never know what it is until get it), the 2% increase in extra points when in blitz mode is not that great, and the uncertainty is definitely not worth it to me!


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i'm having a new issue with this game. scores on the leader boards don't reload every week. mine hasn't reloaded in a month, & i have a first place score :mad:


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is anyone playing the star wars challenge? i’m not going to complete it in time, but the reward prizes so far aren’t that good. i’ve completed 15-16 levels so far
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