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Disney Area Golf


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My wife and I are doing a non-park trip to Disney and staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. We will play at least one round of golf...maybe two. There aren't a lot of threads on golf here, and none of them are recent. I have played LBV twice, but that is my only Disney golf experience. What are the best options for my two rounds between the other two Disney courses, the Hilton/Waldorf course, and anything else close by? I'm probably a 12 handicap right now and have played some really nice bucket list courses, so the difficulty isn't the prime concern. Just looking to have a great experience and enjoy the day/scenery.
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I'm a 12 handicap as well and find Disney's Palm to be a challenge each time I play. More so than Magnolia. Both are at Shades of Green by the Poly. I highly recommend Palm. It's also a very nice track as well and water comes in to play on most holes.
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