"Dirt Mountain"...gone!


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Just got back from the MK, and Dirt Mountain, the large mound of dirt that's been hiding the Mermaid showbuilding is gone. Took a spin on Dumbo (haven't done that in 15 years) and saw that the mound has been leveled. Very bright work lights were on all through the Mermaid building and there was a worker on the roof. This was at 11:45pm, near the close of MNSSHP. Also heard some action going on behind the walls of small world. Couldn't get any pics at night from Dumbo as they were just blurrs of white light but I'll try over the next few days.

Actually I just found this pic...just yesterday you couldn't see this much of the building



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Oh no! :( That was starting to become my favorite attraction of the FLE!

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Can we just take up a collection to get Scott Keating to take some new aerial shots?:lol:

The Mermaid show building looks huge! But I know it's not, according to the plans. The pics above look like it's just beyond the wall.

Please Scott Keating, you're our only hope!:animwink:


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Wow, that was QUICK! In addition to the cranes they must
have some sort of alien dirt teleporting device.

Or maybe a sinkhole opened up. :eek:


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Well now that that is gone hopefully they will keep digging. About 10 feet down should do.


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I am glad that dirt mountain is now gone! It was blocking the view of the Little Mermaid construction. Now hopefully they will get to working on the Snow White Mine ride!


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We do need some new aerial shots! But this progress so far is something only Disney could do!:) This is great!


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We do need some new aerial shots! But this progress so far is something only Disney could do!:) This is great!
Im assuming he was told not to take anymore aerial shots by Disney, because he was providing them regularly and then it all stopped and he disappeared.


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Silly question: how close to the construction wall is that framework? Thanks :wave:
Even tough it doesn't look like it, the LM framework is actually pretty far from the wall. You can see an aerial picture of the site here:


That framework sits entirely on the foundation you can see in the lower right corner of the aerial photo.



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I WANT A NEW ARIEAL SHOT! AHHH! Will it hurry up?! LOL I miss them! LOL But everything seems to be going fast!
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