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Just a curious little thought of mine here...Does anyone know where i can get a track layout/building layout for Dinosaur/Countdown to Extinction? I'm just a little curious cause i've gotten to hang out in the VIP lounge there and they took me through some back ways and i really enjoy the ride as well. Any help would be wonderful......thanks!



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You were in the VIP lounge and some "back ways"...? Well guess what, that's where you find such layouts! The next time you're wandering around back there, grab yourself a layout, usually in the form of emergency fire exit routes, etc. And there's no reason to feel guilty, they have as many copies of these things as there are ponchos sold on a rainy day in Florida.

...Then scan it and e-mail me a copy :)


Kyle Brylczyk

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They have pitures of the layout posted on this very site guys! Have you ever thought to look there? Just go to the Dinosaur setion and click on the backstage pictures. Scroll down to the bottom.

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