News DinoLand U.S.A. to close early November 20


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I read the title as "dinoland to close November 20th" and had a heart attack lol


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That's a sweet deal. Have fun! :D

The price listed there is similar to those offered to groups of 10 or more students through the Disney Youth Education Series. A few years ago when attendance was lower the Y.E.S. programs also had an Individual Enrollment option (no group required, just register for one of the limited number of dates) and the discount was even better. We participated and enjoyed both the programs - but especially the ticket prices.

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DINOSAUR, Boneyard, Restaurantosaurus, Cretaceous Trail, and the Chester and Hester *gift shop* all deserve to stay, they serve a narrative purpose in the land and actually show some pretty excellent theming. Kitsch done right. It’s such a shame Dinoland gets a bad rap just because of Dinorama when that’s not all the land is.

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