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Dining with characters is done

Ronnie Sanford

Active Member
Original Poster
Good evening Wdwmagic

Having a meal with characters is coming to an end. For good. WDC labels it as a suspension, but the truth is the return of character meals is improbable. Hong Kong and Shanghai’s physical distancing SOP simply won’t work in Orlando.

Cost benefit analysis results, safety and the need to lower expenses are the main reasons.
Cue the chopping block.


Premium Member
..... until Disney realizes nobody will pay those prices without the characters.

I'm sure they will suspend it for now. But they will eventually be back.
Bingo...they’re a ripoff cattle call in Orlando BECAUSE of the characters...

No matter how much your ecv begs for mercy...it’s not like they’re losing money charging you $45 for breakfast or $60.00 for dinner...

The food quality “ain’t that great” anymore

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