Dining/Snacks Suggestions for a first time guest


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For a friend. I'm going to wdw in september with a friend that has never been there (or to the USA, even). I've tried almost every place on property and really can't decide what to take her to, and it doesn't help that she has no idea where to go either.

The only thing I know is that she doesn't want anything expensive (ie nothing over $30) and while she loves disney IP, not to the level where she feels she must eat somewhere because it has a certain character on it.

With that in mind, what do you guys consider affordable "must try" meals/snacks around the property?

So far I've thought of maybe BOG breakfast and maybe dinner at the Spicy Road while watching Illuminations (or maybe for a first time guest watching outside might be better?)
We loved the citrus swirls from the sunshine terrace in the Magic Kingdom . On our last night we had some dole whips while at the Polynesian resort and watched the fireworks on the beach . Our daughter loves the Candy apples from the Cauldron shop in Disney Springs .

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